#1261, Autumn Warren Connolly, Author Monica Berg

We are joined today by one of our all-time favorite guests and human, Autumn Warren Connolly and Monica Berg, best selling author of “Rethink Love,” and “Fear Is Not An Option.” Bernadette and Renaldo get candid with a weekend catch up and stress the importance of private time with our significant others!

Autumn Warren Connolly – Alternative Household Products

Our favorite “Earth Mama” Autumn Warren Connolly offered the listeners some good advice when it comes to what we expect out of life. Autumn says to expect good things to happen to you and put out positive energy and you will get it back! Autumn also gets the conversation on “fear” started when she says feeling fear puts out a lower vibration. Bernadette gave us a fabulous update on Patty Debernardo; She is healing from cancer! How awesome for “positive Patty!”

Author Monica Berg – Dealing With Fear

Author Monica Berg is on to talk about controlling outcomes and what is within your power and what is not! Monica emphasizes that you can control things like your breathing and your energy, but that you must relinquish the fears you have over the things you can not control! Bernadette and Monica bond over both having loved ones with schizophrenia. Candid conversation about the similar struggles both Bernadette and Monica have faced led to Monica sharing that we all must open up about our struggles in order the find others who can relate to us and help us heal.

Monica Berg, on her book “Fear Is Not An Option” tells us about how she chooses to NOT feed into fear! Monica chooses to take the bad and turn it into something good! Fear is a motivator for change and connection! Monica Berg says that we need to take bad energy and direct our consciousness to something positive and to always remember, fear is NOT an option!

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