#1277, Tina Bernet Allen on How Much to Exercise

Happy Hump Day!

We hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! Here at One Life Radio feel like it is already Friday and boy are we ready for the weekend! Ready to hear Tina’s tips? Fitness Expert Tina Bernet Allen is back to discuss what our minimum effective dose of exercise is!

Fitness Expert Tina Bernet Allen

Expert Fitness instructor, Tina Bernet Allen is back with us today! Tina says that you have to watch your cortisol levels when working out. If you’re over training, you won’t sleep well. We need to check in with our bodies outside of the workout setting to! Tina says to check in with yourself to see if how your physical energy is doing before working out. If your resting heart rate or digestion is off, those are signs that you’re over stressed. Try different workouts to see what works best for you. Harder and longer isn’t always better. 

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