#1284, Furry Friday With DallasDogrrr, PETA, SPCA

Happy Furry Friday!

Happy Furry Friday everyone, we made it another week! We have a fabulous, furry, fun filled show for you all today! We have three admirable, fantastic women moving mountains for animal welfare. These three women are Furry Friday ambassadors! Everyone have a fantastic weekend, and remember to give your furry family member some extra pets and treats!

Maura Davies of SPCA

Maura Davies is the Vice President for Marketing & Communications for the SPCA of Texas. Today, Maura is here to discuss more tips for summer pet safety. Some breeds are different from others when It comes to being able to sustain themselves outside in the heat. Brachia Systolic Breeds are a fancy word for dogs with little short pushed in noses. French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, Mastiffs, Shitzus and more are the kinds of dogs that have trouble breathing! It is a hot one today, remember to keep your animals hydrated, as well as yourself!

Watch out for heavy panting, excessive thirst, a bright red tongue, mucus membranes in jowls being grey, excessive drooling, and unsteadiness on your dog’s feet! If you see these signs in your animals, bring them inside immediately and let them soak up that AC and shade! Cat’s show similar signs as dogs when they are overheating, but cats are sneaky and hide symptoms… If you see any of these symptoms, call your vet immediately!

Ingrid Newkirk of PETA

It wouldn’t be a Furry Friday without Ingrid Newkirk! Since founding PETA, president Ingrid Newkirk has grown the group into the world’s largest animal rights organization. Today, Ingrid is here to talk about certain coconut water brands using and abusing animals to harvest coconut water. Monkeys are kept enslaved as coconut picking machines for us humans! That is Horrible! Monkeys are trained with force to climb trees and gather coconuts to be turned into coconut water. Harmless Harvest is the best bet for cruelty free coconut water, so free of monkey slavery. Ingrid says to read your labels, and if you are not sure, look to PETA’s website for a concise list of cruelty free brands to purchase, so you can avoid funding animal cruelty. Speak with your wallet and avoid giving your money to companies that enslave animals.

Patti Dawson of Dallas Dogrrr

Patti Dawson is here to wrap-up Furry Friday here at One Life Radio! There has been an increase in intakes at DallasDogrrr. There are many dogs left behind and in the most compromising situations who need help. DallasDogrrr currently has 276 animals in their care. If you or someone you know can qualify to foster, please do. Fostering an animal can help organizations like Dallas Dogrrr. By taking some responsibility off their paws, DallasDogrrr can tend to more animals in need! DallasDogrrr is launching virtual fostering for everyone who can not physically foster an animal. Virtual Fostering is just networking harder to place dogs and dogs who in need of the spotlight! Please continue to spay and neuter you pets so we can reduce the number of stray animals!

Thank You

One Life Radio, The SPCA, PETA, and DallasDogrrr are asking you to ADOPT DON’T SHOP. Hundreds of animals are euthanized daily. Any Euthanized animal could have made a beautiful companion, but sadly did not have the chance. Please adopt your next animal, and help us end unnecessary euthanasia for cats and dogs in shelters.

If you would like to donate to DallasDogrrr so to help them save the animals in the most compromising of situations, click here!

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