photo of our two guests, Jared Ramirez and Von Eaglin

#1286, Jared Ramirez, Von Eaglin

photo of our two guests

Terrific Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a great show in store for you all. CEO of Enviromedica, Jared Ramirez is here to discuss soil based probiotics. Longtime friend of the show Von Eaglin is here to talk about raising children successfully.

Jared Ramirez

Jared Ramirez breaks down the types of probiotics. Spore-based were introduced about twenty years ago. The probiotic industry has been dogmatic over the past two decades. Ramirez says that the kind of probiotics found in yogurts and other food products are very sensitive and die off easily. If you order through Amazon, their warehouses can get up to over 100 degrees, which will kill off many types of bacteria. Spore-based probiotics can stand heat and other elements. You can send spore-based probiotics into space and they’ll come back the same. You can bake with them by putting them in your bread. But, all probiotics have a purpose.

Fermented foods are good for you, but the bacteria is sensitive so you have to be careful how it’s prepared. If you ferment your own food, you can have trillions of bacteria versus billions in most store bought probiotic foods. Try fermenting some of your favorites like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha! Check out some of our favorite recipes here.

Von Eaglin 

Von Eaglin joins us to talk about his new addition to the family and parenting in general. He says the male needs to be attentive throughout the pregnancy, birth and afterwards. There are many parenting behaviors to avoid. He says a child’s emotional regulation is key. Parents can do a lot to help kids become emotionally intelligent. If a child can’t manage their emotions, they can’t make healthy decisions. The language parents use should never be judgmental. The child can also read your face. Even at a young age, parents need to interact with their child.

Emotion dismissive parents expect their children to change their emotions quickly. They want cheerful children, and have a hard time labeling emotions. You should never punish your child for having emotions. Validate their feelings instead. Emotion coaching parents understand emotion and use that as an opportunity to connect with their child. They will help their children articulate their feelings. Let your child feel emotions. It will make them smarter!

Thank You!

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