Mark Stephens on One Life Radio

#1294 Weird Cat Habits, 1-Minute Meditation

Mark Stephens on One Life Radio

It’s Furry Friday! Maura Davies of the SPCA explains our cat’s odd habits.  And, for the first time on One Life Radio, we welcome Mark Stephens from Australia. He brings over 50 years experience in meditation and hypnosis and he’s walking us through a 1-minute meditation!

Funny Cat Tricks

Maura says it’s a compliment when cats rub up on your leg or lap. When cats expose their belly, they trust you. Be careful for the “bear trap”, though, when you touch their belly and they grab your hand with both feet and hands, claws and all!  Bernadette recommends using white vinegar to keep cats going in their litter box and not on furniture or clothes. When cats twitch their ears is a sign of anxiety. Pointed upright, they are fine, when ears are back, they are suffering from anxiety or agitated. Remember to spay and neuter your pet! Visit for info.

Self-Hypnosis and a 1-Minute Meditation

Mark Stephens is an Australian Health Retreat owner, the Author of Think Slim, Think Quit and creator of the MindFree app. Trained by traditional Japanese masters, Tibetan monks and Chinese Tai Chi teachers, Stephens is a meditation expert, hypnotherapist and Tai Chi instructor with 40 years of experience.

Bernadette asks what his favorite mindful method is, and he says Tai Chi. According to Stephens, it’s  like Kung-fu on valium,  really a moving meditation. Mark also is an expert in hypnotherapy. He says people have misconceptions about hypnotherapy because of tv shows and sideshows. When used for therapeutic reasons, hypnotherapy can help block out anxiety and stress while resetting the mind. It’s like reading a good book, daydreaming or driving somewhere and you don’t remember the trip. Today, too many people are stuck in trances of “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t stop smoking” or whatever. Hypnosis can change that for the positive.

Listen to the full show to hear Mark walk us through a one-minute meditation. To get his app, visit

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