Shellie Gardner, Dewone Bennett

#1306, Shellie Gardner, Dewone Bennett

Shellie Gardner, Dewone Bennett

Happy Monday!

Shellie Gardner is here to talk but Minimalism Pt 2. Dewone Bennett is back to talk about “The Fear Of Commitment.” What an interesting show coming up! So let’s get started!

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Shellie Gardner is the Owner, Christmas Light Source, online since 2005. She is an Electrical Engineer and Real Estate Investor. Shellie is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology at Southwestern.page1image62379264

Minimalism Part 2.

The real world can be a big distraction for keeping your mind on the minimalism. Between social media and a job, sometimes you need a big push to begin to minimalism your home. Shellie says that maybe some of your favorite things you can get rid of. Maybe a newly graduated student is about to enter to workforce… give them that blazer that is too small for you!

Dewone Bennett

Dewone Bennett is a Licensed Professional Counselor with two masters degrees and over 12 years of counseling experience. He currently has his own practice, Dewone Bennett Counseling in Dallas, TX. He believes that the key to mental and behavioral success is the ability to master self-awareness and emotional control.

Fear Of Commitment

You can miss out on a lot with a fear of commitment. Fear of commitment can not only have you miss out on experiences with friends and family, but also with work. You have to me aware of self sabotage behaviors and fear of connection. Do not let these fears get in the way of friends, relationships, and work. Intimacy is a true connection to someone else. Intimacy means openness. You must be willing to be spiritually and physically connected to someone.

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