dallas dogrrr, spca, Maura Davies, Courtney garza

#1309, Furry Friday, SPCA, Dallas Dogrrr, VegWorld

dallas dogrrr, spca, Maura Davies, Courtney garza

Happy Furry Friday!

Renaldo and Bernadette are trying to go higher today! We have furbulous news! We have partnered with Castor & Pollux. As the leader and maker of America’s #1 organic pet food, Castor & Pollux has set a new standard with the most comprehensive portfolio of purposeful pet food. Let’s get it started! Maura Davies of The SPCA and Patti Dawson are here representing animal advocacy. VegWorld’s Courtney Garza is here!

Maura Davies

Maura Davies, Vice President for Marketing & Communications for the SPCA of Texas, has been with the organization since 2001. Overseeing the Marketing & Communications department, Maura is responsible for responding to and working with traditional and social media to publicize the SPCA of Texas’ many programs and services, maintaining the SPCA of Texas’ website, raising funds through online initiatives to support the SPCA of Texas’ goals, designing and producing collateral material and spreading the word about the SPCA of Texas to the community at large with a focus on maintaining the SPCA of Texas’ brand.

Pet Separation Anxiety 

Should we be worried? Yes! There are many things we should do in advance to ease and transition back into the world of school and work. There are things we can do to get an idea of how our pets react when we leave. Pay attention to their eating patterns, dedication times, and attention they are spending on you. Try a pet nanny cam! There are a few brands out there, but our favorite is PetCube. Click here to read more about PetCube

Safe places for pets are so important. Especially for dogs, crate training is so important, so whatever you do, just don’t put your dog in a crate and leave. Theres more than that! If you are going to leave your animal, be sure to leave them with stimuli and allotted time for potty breaks. Maura says exercise is important for both you and your furry friend! 

If you need to unfortunately need to re-home your pet due to COVID-19, financial reasons, or others, click here to find all the information you need. 

Patti Dawson

Patti started volunteering with Dallas DogRRR in 2014. Dallas DogRRR was established as a Non-Profit in 2015. She began running the rescue, acing as president by January of 2016. In her real work outside her volunteer work, she is behavior specialist and a Mom and a Wife.

Serenity and Your Pets

Dallas Dogrrr is doing, good, but is in need of donations. They are strong, but could always us the help of other! The best way to help Dallas Dogrrr besides donations is through volunteering! They always need help transporting animals. If you have space in your home, fostering an animal can make a world of difference. Fostering an animal opens up space for Dallas Dogrrr to rehabilitate those in need. Let’s all pitch in and do our job to keep the earth serene!

Pets help us be serene. Even through just petting an animal, our blood pressure can be lowered! Animals allow us peace, so don’t be afraid of pet adoption. Dogs pull us out of our recursing, reoccurring thoughts and bring us to the present. Patti got a dog and named it Serenity. Many people want her to be euthanized because they are worried about her quality of life. Patti is here to tell us that Serenity is so happy to be alive. Serenity was so forgiving to humans even though it was humans that wronger her. We need to look at animals and realize that they will not be mad t us, so embrace them. 

Courtney Garza

Courtney Garza is the editor-in-chief of VEGWORLD Magazine and the co-founder of Sprinkles Creative, a Dallas-based social media marketing agency. Miss Courtney is also a social media influencer, providing followers with an inside look into the vegan lifestyle, offering recommendations, reviews and tips for living vegan. Follow Courtney on Instagram @COLORMECOURTNEY_ or visit her at her website. 

Vegworld Magazine and Animal Advocacy Issues

Courtney is excited to reveal that Joaquin Phoenix is going to be on the cover of VegWorld Mag this month! Wow! This issue is all about animal advocacy. Courtney shorts out a new Animal Planet show called “Saved By The Barn.” Fashion questions? VegWorld has got you covered! The magazine is chocked with info all about vegan fashion and vegan beauty. 

Bernadette wants everyone to know that the vegan movement is not one sided, but multifaceted. You can just start by doing “Meatless Monday” or “Teetless Tuesday!” There are so many ways to do things locally to advocate for animals! Either within your metroplex, or within driving distance, you can make a difference! World plant milk day is tomorrow! We used to love our milk too, but wow, are there some great plant milks out there! They taste great, and animals breasts aren’t violated. 

We believe people are inherently good, but have to work actively to make good choices. There’s one thing we do know, animals are good, pure souls. Let’s do all we can to do our part to make their life the best worth living. 

Thank You

A big thank you to our guests, Maura Davies, Patti Dawson, and Veg World’s Courtney Garza.

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