#1324, Furry Friday with Bob Bryant and Gene Baur

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Happy Furry Friday!

We have a great Furry Friday in store for you! One Life Radio wants to take the time to thank our new pet sponsor, Castor & Pollux! As the leader and maker of America’s #1 organic pet food, Castor & Pollux has set a new standard with the most comprehensive portfolio of purposeful pet food. We have Gene Baur of the Animal Sanctuary and Bob Bryant from the Mission K9 Rescue. Stay tuned!

Bob Bryant

Bob Bryant is the chief technology officer of Mission K9 Rescue, an animal welfare group dedicated solely to rescuing, reuniting, rehoming, re- pairing, and rehabilitating American working dogs. Today, we will be talking about “National Patriot Day and the work of Mission K9 Rescue.” Since 2013, the group has provided a wide array of services to working dogs in an effort to offer them a comfortable and peaceful retirement. Mission K9 Rescue focuses on retrieving dogs both from overseas and national shelter situations where they are suffering without proper care or medical attention. Their work has been featured numerous times in the national media, including appearances on “America with Eric Bolling” and “Pit Bulls & Parolees.”

National Patriot Day and The Work Of Mission K9 Rescue

Bob’s main business is credit card processing, and didn’t mean to come across Mission K9 Rescue! It was fate! Bob became a co-owner in a strange twist! Let’s get to the dogs! Working dogs are trained to perform a certain task. Military and police groups do not offer medical services for working dogs after they are done working. Most of the animals were working in high intensity environments. So that leaves all retired dogs needing some form of rehabilitation. These high drive working dogs are toy crazy and need a lot of attention to keep their brains busy! If you are interested in adopting one of these retired working dogs, you must meet certain qualifications. These dogs need to not be brushed aside and not be locked outside. These dogs, like humans, have earned their retirement! They must be treated with love and kindness.

One of the best success stories that Bob remembers was a 15 dog rescue that were part of the tactical explosion detective dogs. The dogs were taken from their handles with no warning. All these dogs were then placed in a kennel in Virginia and left to never be reunited with their handlers. Mission K9 Rescue was able to reunite all these dogs with their loving handlers. It truly is a special thing! To see beautiful clips of animals being reunited with their handlers, visit the Facebook page. The United States military 99% of the time treats their dogs like gold. But unfortunately, there are slips in the cracks. Mission K9 Rescue is there to help.

Gene Baur

Time magazine has hailed Gene Baur as “the conscience of the food movement.” He is the President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, a group rescuing and providing refuge for countless survivors of the animal agriculture system. Gene is a pioneer in the field of undercover investigations and farm animal rescue. He visited hundreds of farms, stockyards, and slaughterhouses, documenting the deplorable conditions. Through Farm Sanctuary, Gene continues his work to expose the abuses of factory farming and to advocate for a sustainable plant-based food system. Gene has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University, Northridge and a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University.

Factory Farms in COVID-19

The main law that protects animals from cruelty is the “Animal Welfare Act.” This law excludes birds, because it is a mammal only law. During COVID, Gene is especially concerned because they are speeding up the killing lines. In Dallas, Bernadette talks about seeing the chicken trucks coming from the outskirts of Dallas and the sheer cruelty. Seeing living animals being thrown in trashcans was too much for Gene and his team, so he decided to do something about it. Gene asks for modest improvements. Hens need wing stretching space. We must abolish veal. We need compassionate values and education as to what’s happening to these animals, so it will invoke change in peoples hearts. It is amazing seeing plant based options popping up on every corner! Plant based milks, “meats,” and meals are making such an impact! Times are changing, but for the better.

Bernadette asks you, the listener to rethink veal. The veal industry is so cruel, taking away a baby from its mama, so please don’t support it! Consumers are unwilling accomplices in the animal cruelty industry. Speak with your feet, and with your wallet. With ICE making raids in factory farms and slaughter house, it is a cat and mouse game with the government. Gene says changing consumers views starts with their eyes. Let consumers pet a pig, visit a farm, and make a connection with an animal that they eat. Plant based food options are becoming more readily available, but it is never enough! Make the change, so animals can live free of harm and pain.

Thank You!

A big thank you to our guests, Gene Baur and Bob Bryant. Learn more about Gene and Farm Sanctuary here. Click here to make a donation and to learn more about Mission k9 Rescue and their work!

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