Jason Harris, generosity, generous, Autumn Warren Connolly

#1325, Jason Harris, Generosity, The Four Agreements


Jason Harris, generosity, generous, Autumn Warren Connolly

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday from team OLR! We had a relaxing weekend! Bernadette says her heart goes out to California dealing will all the smoke and fires. Bernadette and Renaldo talk about football! If this is your first time here, Bernadette loves football. Today we have Autumn Connolly, and at the half, Jason Harris talking about generosity, so stick around!

Autumn Warren Connolly

Autumn Connolly lives in the sky islands of Arizona with her three kiddos and animal babies. She is the creator of Anvil Traditional Healing, a company dedicated to restoring microbiome health through diet. Follow on Instagram @AnvilTraditionalHealing. Autumn is also a self-taught vegan chef, a serial gardener and an avid believer in, and teacher of, the healing powers of meditation. Contact her at: meditatewithautumn@gmail.com

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements are – Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best. These four simple rules can change the way you live! The Four Agreements are our bible, and we try to live by it! When you break an agreement, all the power you used to create the agreement come back. It’s an ebb and flow! It is quite simple principals, but they apply to so many things in life. The Four Agreements keep our mind in check. Our words put our subconscious into fruition, into force. Bernadette brings up gossip and how detrimental it can be for the person gossiping and the person who is being talked about.

Next is the 2nd of the 4 agreements, and once you can master it, your life gets easier. Don’t take it personally! Autumn when she moved away from the big city, she expected nicer neighbors. Once Autumn learned that she couldn’t please everyone, and to not take anything personally, she felt free! The 3rd agreement is Autumn’s favorite! Autumn and her children have vivid imaginations, so she often finds herself thinking things up that are not necessarily the truth. Autumn has to remind herself of the 3rd agreement to ground herself and bring her back to reality. The fourth agreement is simple. Always do your best. Try your hardest and you won’t find yourself judging yourself so harshly. Sometimes your best is not very good, but as long as you know it’s your best, you did a good job.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris is the Co-Founder & CEO of Mekanism, an award- winning creative advertising agency whose clients include Ben & Jerry’s, Peloton, OkCupid, Molson Coors and Alaska Airlines. Under his leadership, Mekanism was named to Ad Age’s Agency A-list and twice to their Best Places to Work. Mekanism was also named as one of Creativity’s Creativity 50.Harris has been named in the Top 10 Most Influential Social Impact Leaders, as well as in the 4A’s list of “100 People Who Make Advertising Great”. Jason’s national best-selling book, “The Soulful Art of Persuasion,” highlights the 11 habits you need to become more authentically or soulfully persuasive.

Pt. 2 – Generosity

To catch up on part one, click here! Being generous is so important. Generous people are the sorts of individuals that we like to do favors for. When generous people succeed, we are not jealous. As it relates to persuasion, when you are a generous person at your core, we want to agree with you and believe in you. It behooves you to be generous at all turns! Jason says he was not born naturally generous, he had to make it a habit through practice. Jason says he saw success happening more easily around him when he made generosity a  habit. Try leaving every person you interact with a gift. Leave them with a gift in the form of many different ways! Knowledge in the form of a “tip” can be a gift. Generosity takes many forms.

Positivity is ore impactful than negativity. Positive persuasion influences someone’s opinion of you. The character of you being positive will help you in the long run be soulfully persuasive. Change people’s perceptions of you by being positive. Negativity drives people away. Jason talks about the beer test. The beer tests means you will vote for the person you want to sit down and have a beer with. People want approachability and likability. It’s simple! Try to focus this week not on yourself, but on other people. Use generosity by trying to make someone else’s life better.

Thank You!

A big thank you to our guests, Jason Harris and Autumn Warren Connolly. We enjoy each and every time that they join the airwaves with team OLR! To purchase Jason’s book, “The Soulful Art Of Persuasion,” click here! Find Jason Harris at his personal website, and Mekanism’s website. You get one body, one mind, and one life, so BE GENEROUS!

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