cody myler, Deborah Keston

#1337, Cody Myler, Deborah Kesten, Whole Person Integrative Eating

cody myler, Deborah Keston

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday! We are so excited for the beautiful weather outside. Even Junior was riding around with his windows down this morning! We have a fabulous show for you today with Cody Myler and Deborah Keston of Whole Person Integrative Eating, so stick around and let’s jump right in!

Cody Myler

Cody Myler, also known as the Keto Cowboy, is a health & fitness expert, trainer, instructor and business owner. He holds a Bachelors in Exercise Psychology, a Masters in Sports Management and over 20 different fitness certifications. In 2019, Cody founded the National Athletic Keto Association, or NAKA, hosting the first Keto/Carnivore Bodybuilding Competition. He is the owner of NXT Rep Fitness, a 24hr. workout facility offering specialized workout and nutrition programs designed around an individual’s needs and fitness level.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercising after a Back Injury

Some people confuse Spondylolysis and Spondylitis. Spondylolysis is the actual fracture in one of the vertebras. Spondylitis is inflammatory arthritis, but Spondylolysis is the injury on the vertebras. Bernadette raises the point that you can pull your back out doing even the simplest of things! Bernadette says if your abs and glutes are not strong, your back is not strong. Cody says that it is the intercostal muscles that are underneath the transversal dominus. Do planks to strengthen the intercostal muscles! Put a stability against the wall and put your arms out. Push the ball against the wall as hard as you can! Check out our Instagram to see the workout from Cody Myler himself!

Get a piece of PVC pipe and sit down on the floor or on your couch, and reach it behind your back and roll it all around your shoulders! Follow Cody on instagram @Myler_Flex to see more of Cody and his motivational fitnesses videos! Keep your body spry, so keep moving those muscles! Avoid workouts that are hard on the back. Cycling, walking, and swimming are some of Cody and Bernadette’s favorite low impact workouts. Cody takes collagen every day to help pad his vertebra and avoid vertebra on vertebra pain.

Deborah Kesten

Deborah Kesten is an international nutrition researcher, award winning author and medical health writer. She specializes in in preventing and reversing obesity and heart disease. Kesten has published more than 400 nutrition and health articles. Her latest book, Whole Person Integrative Eating has been honored with the #1 gold, best-book award in the Health category by the Book Excellence Awards. She is a VIP Contributor at Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. Deborah is married to behavioral scientist and co-author of Whole Person Integrative Eating, Larry Scherwitz, Ph.D.

How to Build a Healthier Relationship with Food, Eating and Weight

Deborah Kesten’s book helps you find a way to eat and keep your body and mind health at the same time. In her book, there is a 76 question quiz that can help you find your over-eating style. Deborah based her eating styles she highlights in her book by doing in depth research on the eating styles and medicinal habits of ancient people and cultures all over the world. Most people before us ate with the three spiritual thoughts on their plate. Mindfulness, appreciation, and loving regard for food. Eating with a mindfulness consciousness can have you lose weight, so just be mindful! Eat with others! By eating around others, you will be subconsciously more mindful of what is going on your plate and into your body.

Deborah and her co author and husband, Larry Scherwitz did a study where they found that men who spoke with narcissistic tendencies were more likely to have a heart attack. How interesting! Go back to the blessing of food that your ancestors one cherished. Quit thinking about food in terms of “carbs” or “fats” but rather food. That will reduce your odds of overeating and gaining weight.

The ancient food wisdom approach to eating is what Whole Person Integrative Eating is. Whole Person Integrative Eating is based on the original meaning of “diet” back 2500 years ago with Hippocrates. Now, diet means restrictive eating. Deborah and her research suggests that we rethink how we eat, because looking at food as art and not simply fuel is healthiest. Taste the love and time In your food. Eat in a pleasant atmosphere, and eat with others! Whole Person Integrative Eating is the ancient antidote validated by science. Take time to enjoy your food and make it a soft, sensual, pleasant light in your day.

Thank You!

A big thank you to our guests, Deborah Kesten and Cody Myler! Read more about Deborah and her work here, and remember to enjoy your food.

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