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Happy Wednesday!

It’s a busy day for One Life Radio! Tina Bernet Allen is actually in studio with Bernadette! It is fitness day here at OLR, and we are so excited to announce that Jake Steinfeld will be on, founder of Body By Jake! Let’s get started!

Tina Bernet Allen

One Life Radio family member Tina Bernet Allen is here! Tina recently broke her hand, ouch! With exercise and fitness being Tina’s profession, we are interested in how she is still working out! Her normal workouts are high intensity, but she can’t get her heart rate up at all as to not have her fingers throb. Instead, Tina is focusing on yoga, and lower body workouts that have slow movements and low intensity. Junior tells us about the time he had a little too much fun on a scooter after a few brewskis. Tina says to give yourself a break! You may be frustrated if you can not move for awhile, but you can find a way to work around it! You can find other ways to find mental happiness without working out. Take the time to do something you have been putting off.

If you’re mentally down you may start to believe that you can just eat whatever you want, but remember to tighten up your nutrition so your body can heal itself! Don’t get down if you get injured, but back up and make use of the time. Let your body heal.

“Body By Jake” Jake Steinfeld

Jake “BodybyJake®” Steinfeld is the fitness industry’s reigning icon. He created the personal fitness training industry over 40 years ago, and has been the guiding light for health & wellness in lifestyle, sports, and entertainment ever since. Utilizing his entrepreneurial street-smarts and fitness knowledge, Jake created the first 24-hour fitness lifestyle network, FiTTV® as well as ExerciseTV®, the first On-Demand fitness television network. He is a NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author with his “I’ve Seen a Lot of Famous People Naked and They’ve Got Nothing on You!” Jake was named Chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils® (www.natgovfit.org) in 2012, Jake brought his “DON’T QUIT!” attitude to the national level following his belief that “academics and fitness go hand in hand. Jake recently created a nutritional supplement company named after his “Don’t Quit” initiative, creating brands that fuel body, mind, and soul.


Jake says that growing up he was overweight and had a stutter. After his father purchased him a set of weights, he found a way to change his life through moments. Some moments are not so great, but you can choose to take those moments and do something monumental with them! Jake says that his stutter use to really inhibit him. He points out that Vice President Joe Biden has a stutter, and he really feels for him! The weights built Jake’s confidence and physique. After trying college, Jake had a dream to move to California and be a body builder, and he did it! In 1977, Jake entered the Mr. America Contest. He did not win the title, because he did not take steroids!

After he was asked to train an actress in 1977, he developed a fitness routine with a towel, broomstick, two cans of tomato paste, and a chair, that could whip a woman into shape without giving her over-bulging muscles. Turns out, the boyfriend of the actress was Francis Ford Coppola! Wow! This lead Jake towards a path of success. At the beginning of the 1980’s, his name started being circulated as the guy who could whip you into shape! The mystique behind not having a phone number helped him out even more! Jake Steinfeld was really the first guy to do personal fitness training. He was able to learn so much from training personal Hollywood stars! Jake has had an incredible career.

Jake has created his own nutrition shake that isn’t filled with chemicals like his competitor’s shakes.


You can achieve anything you want in your life. There’s no reason why you can not succeed. As long as you believe in you, there is success in you! While Jake is here telling us all about his successes, he could spend equal time telling us about his failures, but he doesn’t not dwell on these! It is not about what knocked you down, it is about how you get back up. You can do so much with so little. The ability to continue to strive, explore, and help is what keeps Jake going.

Thank You!

A big thank you to our guests, Tina Bernet Allen and Jake Steinfeld! To purchase and peruse all of Jake’s books, click here! You can also find Jake Steinfeld at his website at BodyByJake.com and DontQuit.com!

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