sam Morris, autumn warren connolly

#1345, Sam Morris, Autumn Warren Connolly

sam Morris, autumn warren connolly

Happy Monday!

It’s Monday everyone and we can feel it! Junior is doing good and had a great weekend! It has been a little over two weeks since Junior has been working with One Life Radio. Two Truths and A Lie! Fun! Bernadette and Junior work well together. We have a great show in store today with Sam Morris and Autumn Warren Connolly, So let’s get started!

Sam Morris

Sam Morris is the founder of The Unbreakable Human Project, an interactive web-based personal development program for men wanting to “slay their mental dragons” of depression, anxiety and addiction. He is a certified Personal Development Coach, Recovery Consultant and Health Coach.

Are You Letting Personal Struggles Define Who You Are?

Sam says that if you are going through struggle, it can last for so long, that the struggle can become comforting. People who have been in the woes of addiction can often identify themselves as addicts instead of recovering addicts. Being defined as your struggle is a badge of honor, but when it becomes their identity is when it becomes harmful. People who have been trough struggle sometimes feel guilt, and that keeps them in the struggle stage. Self worth and value can often get convoluted with one’s recovery, so that becomes a point of conflict and doesn’t allow someone to fully heal.

Sam says you need to shift your identity from alcoholic, too recovered human. Look at the stuff in your life that is data, the raw data. Align your identity with the raw data in your life! If you are doing great, identify with that instead of your past.

Autumn Warren Connolly

Autumn Connolly lives in the sky islands of Arizona with her three kiddos and animal babies. She is the creator of Anvil Traditional Healing, a company dedicated to restoring microbiome health through diet. Follow Autumn on Instagram @AnvilTraditionalHealing. Autumn is a self-taught vegan chef, a serial gardener and an avid believer and teacher of the powers of meditation.

Prepping For A Winter Garden

Starting a winter garden is really simple! Don’t google it, because it is way easier than the internet gives off! The easiest way to start a winter garden is to have plants indoors! Dark leafy greens are really hearty outside if you can’t have plants inside due to pesky pets. Even during light freezes and frosts, you can grow! Things like kale, Swiss chard, boy choy, and herbs can grow all year round and withstand the weather! The simplest garden house you can make is called a hoop house! Autumn says that gardening is a great way to get your kids involved in the cultivation of their food.

Autumn is the founder and creator of Anvil Traditional Healing, a company where she strives to create healthy, plant based, products that help our bodies form the inside out! You can nurture with nature! Autumn even has a live horse probiotic now, how cool!

Thank You!

A big thank you to our guests, Sam Morris and Autumn Warren Connolly! To purchase Autumn’s kefir starter kit, click here! Want to slay your mental dragons? Check out Sam Morris’ website to read more about becoming “Unbreakable.”

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