vegans, Andy tabar, Katherine Lawrence-ireland

#1363, Vegan 101, Andy Tabar, Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

vegans, Andy tabar, Katherine Lawrence-ireland

Happy Thursday!

Junior and Bernadette are so excited to get right to it! We have a great show in store for you all today with Katherine Lawrence-Ireland at the half speaking about how “Food Saved Me.” First up we have Andy Tabar, founder of Compassion Co! Today we will be talking about Vegan 101 and Vegan Film, so let’s get started!

Andy Tabar

Andy has been living a fully nomadic life in his van for the past five years and under normal circumstances spends his time travel- ing the country from Vegfest to Vegfest promoting Compassion Co, an organic, USA made, sweat shop free, vegan clothing line. Compassion Co specializes in fun and slightly snarky designs that are created to help activists spark productive conversations. For the past five years Andy has also co-hosted The Bearded Vegans, a weekly podcast featuring a dissection of all things vegan.

Vegan 101 And Andy’s Top 5 Vegan Movie Countdown

Veganism can muddle the true definition of veganism. To Andy, veganism is the ideology that all living things have the right to be respected. It’s the golden rule! If you down have to cause harm to others, don’t do it. Andy addresses elitism, and how to be vegan without stepping on other people’s toes. Andy created compassion co because he saw that there was a need for different vegan messages to be portrayed. His real goal is the cause people to think about the way they interact with other living things. It is all about sparking productive conversations about veganism!

Vegan film is becoming more popular! Listen to the full broadcast to get Andy’s top 5 vegan movie picks. If you are interested in hearing more about Andy’s views on veganism, activism, and ethical grey areas, we encourage you to check out his weekly podcast, that has been running since 2015, The Bearded Vegans

Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

Katherine Lawrence-Ireland is a former aerospace engineer and military veteran. While working in aerospace, she was diagnosed with stage 4 endo- metriosis, ovarian cysts and uterine cysts. Her case was so aggressive, she was told she would be completely infertile and needed a full hysterectomy. Katherine started working with a nutritionist who helped her transition to a whole food, plant-based diet. Within six months she re- versed her reproductive problem and lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure to normal levels. She now has three healthy, vegan boys despite her doctor’s prognosis of infertility. This new awareness of the healing power of food sparked an obsession in Katherine to want to share her knowledge with others. She founded Food Saved Me with her husband Mathew, offering whole-food, plant-based cooking classes completely FREE to the community.

Food Saved Me

After Katherine was told at 27 years old that she could not have children due to severe endometriosis, ovarian and uterine cysts, and being overweight, she lost all hope. It wasn’t untill Katherine’s mother dragged her to the nutritionist that she discovered that her diagnosis was reversible. 3 healthy children later, Katherine now has dedicated her life to teaching others that food can save their life, just as it saved hers. You have a lot more control over your health than you believe. Choose good foods that support your health and avoid foods that contain bad things like preservatives, cheap oils, and genetically modified additions. Diet affects our health in every way. It has a very powerful affect on our immune system too, so remember to eat well!

Join Katherine Lawrence via ZOOM for a Vegan Holiday Cooking Class on November 18th at 7-8 PM CST! She will be making delicious, fast and healthy plant based recipes perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

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