Mary Holland, Autumn Warren Connolly

#1383, Autumn Connolly, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense

Mary Holland, Autumn Warren Connolly

Happy Monday!

Bernadette and Junior talk Facebook censorship…. we know something about that! It has been a full and bust weekend, and Team OLR wants to relax, so Junior is just going to play Christmas music all show long! Thank you Junior! We have great show in store for you today! At the half we have Mary Holland talking about a very important topic. First up we have sky Mama Autumn Warren Connolly, so let’s get started!

Autumn Warren Connolly

Autumn Connolly lives in the sky islands of Arizona with her three kiddos and animal babies. She is the creator of Anvil Traditional Healing, a company dedicated to restoring microbiome health through diet. Follow Autumn on Instagram @AnvilTraditionalHealing. Autumn is a self-taught vegan chef, a serial gardener and an avid believer and teacher of the powers of meditation.

How To Be More Self Sufficient At Home

Self sufficiency, to Autumn, is not having to rely on stores for day to day items that may come up. Autumn loves to garden. There is something about eating something that you truly made yourself! Bernadette says self-sufficiency makes you brave! Autumn says to look at what you already have in your kitchen before you go out to the store! You can make your own lotion, toothpaste, and salves all in the kitchen of your own home! Do your own research and find what you like and what your family likes. Being more self sufficient is not as hard as you think, we promise! Follow Autumn on instagram @meditatewithautumn for her own personal stories on being self sufficiency!

Mary Holland

Mary Holland serves as General Counsel and Vice Chair of the board at Children’s Health Defense. She left the faculty of the New York University School of Law where she served for 17 years, most recently directing its Graduate Lawyering Program. Mary received her Master of Arts and Juris Doctor Degrees from Columbia University, and her undergraduate degree from Harvard. She has worked in international public and private law. Mary is the co-author of “Vaccine Epidemic” and “The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed”.

The COVID Vaccine

The new Pfizer vaccine is not truly approved yet. It is approved for emergency use only, and needs to go through a few more layers of the CDC first. According to Mary, flu deaths have not been being properly counted during this pandemic. It is also important to point out that there are more deaths in the winter, regardless of global pandemics or not. We can not say much about this topic, but please listen to the podcast to hear the full interview and Mary Hollands lecture about the new COVID-19 vaccine!

Thank You!

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