Shawn Wells, weight gain, weight loss, holidays, bernadette

#1394, Shawn Wells, Holidays Without Weight Gain

Shawn Wells, weight gain, weight loss, holidays, bernadette

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Holidays! We are so lucky to have a full hour with Shawn Wells! Today, Shawn and Bernadette will be talking about avoiding holiday weight gain and affirming your health goals during the holidays.

Shawn Wells

Shawn Wells is a Master of Public Health, Licensed Dietitian, Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. He is also a Fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Shawn Wells is the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on Health Optimization. He has formulated over 500 supplements and patented 10 novel ingredients. Formerly a Chief Clinical Dietitian with over a decade of clinical experience, he has counseled thousands of people on natural health solutions such as keto, paleo, fasting, and supplements.

As a world-renowned thought-leader on mitochondrial health, he has been paid to speak on five different continents. His insights have been prominently featured in documentaries, nationally syndicated radio programs, and regularly on morning television. Shawn’s expertise can help any health-conscious high achiever to better manage stress and experience higher performance and more energy through utilizing his practical wholistic solutions.

Enjoying The Holidays Without Weight Gain

Shawn’s new book comes out April First! He pushed it back a bit to make sure it was perfect for the reader, chocked full of information that is life changing. Shawn wanted to make his new book less “scientific” and more laymen’s terms for ease for the reader. Be reasonable on portion sizes. You CAN make healthier recipes for the holidays. You don’t have to double down on double portions or sugary treats. Control is yours! You don’t have to feed off your significant other’s or families eating habits, but rather implement your own. Shawn gains weight during the holidays, but we all do. There is a certain amount that he will allow, but he has a cutoff. Shawn says don’t let things get out of control.

Shawn says eat until you’re 80% full. But how do you know? When you are starting to “feel full,” stop. You are actually full and will feel it in about 20-30 minutes. Alcoholic drinks, like many other drinks, contain calories that can add up quickly. Going out for a couple of drinks can add 500 calories, or more, to your daily intake. Most alcoholic drinks have little to no nutritional value. Be careful of your go-to drink! Bring your own healthy side dish. Your family typically doesn’t know what regiment you’re on to, i.e keto, etc. Avoid the guilt and shame and just bring your own side dish or dessert!

Allow yourself the grace to enjoy some decadent treats but always be mindful. When you really enjoy the environment you’re in and have the gratitude, Shawn says the food nourishes you differently.

Thank You!

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