dr. Heather Moore, leda Blas,

#1403, Leda Blas, Dr. Heather Moore

dr. Heather Moore, leda Blas,

It’s fitness Wednesday on One Life Radio! Leda Blas offers great tips for getting back to a workout routine after the holidays, and Olympic PT, Dr. Heather Moore, joins us for the first time to discuss dealing with winter sports injuries.

Leda Blas

Leda is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist with over 30 years in the Fitness Industry. She was one of the First Trainers to be Certified as a Body Pump Instructor in the US. She specializes in Corrective Exercise and Group Fitness. Leda and her husband Tom started B&D by Tom and Leda, offering 1-on-1, Group Training, Kids Classes and Self Defense Seminars for all Ages.

Getting Back Into Your Workout Routine After the Holidays

You’re not always gong to have motivation. If you wait for motivation, it may never come, You have to discipline yourself to get up and drop something. Even of it is small, get up and move. Results are so motivating! The physical activity you do changes your brain chemistry! Leda Blas says finds trainer. Trainers keep you accountable! If you need accountability, find it.

Dr. Heather Moore

Dr. Heather Moore is a nationally recognized doctor of physical therapy and a member on the United States Olympic Committee sports medicine team. She has treated thousands of athletes, from professional to collegiate to high school and weekend warriors. Her work has included time on the PGA and LPGA tours. Heather was a Division 1 swimmer and water polo player at the University of Maryland and she is currently an avid distance runner. She has written articles for numerous magazines and journals, and her book, “Run Better, Not Less”, breaking down how to treat the aches and pains associated with running.”

Dealing With Winter Sports Injuries

We are so excited to talk to Dr. Heather Moore today. Dr. Moore says athletes wait too long to visit their physician for a sports-related injury. Moore says to give an injury two weeks to work itself out. If it’s not better, see a physical therapist.  Advil and hot packs only hide the pain, not heal the injury.

Listen to the full interview for more insights from Dr. Moore. And, check out her book “Run Better, Not Less” if you’re a runner, or thinking of becoming one.

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