dr. al danenberg, mike McFarland

#1411, Dr. Al Danenberg, Mike McFarland

dr. al danenberg, mike McFarland

Happy Monday!

Today we have Dr. Al Danenberg talking about the 5 important tools for a robust immune system. Mike McFarland stops by to discuss putting politics into a healthy perspective. So, let’s get started!

Dr. Al Danenberg

We love hearing from Dr. Al Danenberg.  He recently received news that he is cancer free after battling incurable aggressive multiple myeloma for two years. He says his ancestral nutrition protocol was a contributor to his ability to beat cancer. We owe everything we are to our immune system. You cannot get a healthy immune system by just taking pills you must be proactive in your lifestyle. Bernadette was feeling extremely crummy yesterday, but after taking a lot of vitamin C, she felt immediately better! Dr. Danenberg says diet is everything. Your gums can be a sign of weakness in your immune system. Gum should never be bleeding. 

Ketones are chemicals your liver makes. You produce them when you don’t have enough insulin in your body to turn sugar (or glucose) into energy. You need another source, so your body uses fat instead. Your liver turns this fat into ketones, a type of acid, and sends them into your bloodstream. They live simply because we can fight of microbes in our environment they’re trying to attack our immune system.

Mike McFarland

Dr. Mike McFarland is a licensed psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD, male body image and eating disorders. It’s crazy that the political climate has been interfering with relationships. Over 50% of adults say that they are stressed about the election. Who who actively engage in social media report higher levels of stress relating to the politics in the election. No that says we only have control of ourselves, so to worry about other peoples political leanings is futile we we can control our lives, but we can’t control others so we shouldn’t even bother. Avoid engaging and doom scrolling. Just put your phone down and be in the present!

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