Greg Glaser, vaccines, physicians for informed consent, courage, Kip Watson

#1428, Kip Watson, Physicians For Informed Consent, Vaccine Exemption

Greg Glaser, vaccine exemptions, physicians for informed consent, courage

Happy Thursday!

Kip Watson is here to talk about how anyone can be a high performer, part two; courage! Greg Glaser from the Physicians For Informed Consent is back to discuss vaccine exemptions. We have a great show for you today! So, let’s get started!

Kip Watson

Kip Watson is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Supervisor and Sports Psychology Professional. With nearly 20 years of experience with athletes, coaches, families, and corporate teams, Kip can do it all as a certified high performance coach. To read more about Kip as owner and founder of BrainCode Corps, click here.

How Anyone Can Be a High Performer: Courage

Courage can be learned. There are some brain codes that are more innately bent towards doing fear based things. But there also quite a number of brain codes that stop people from taking risks, rather good or bad. If you want to be courageous, you can not listen to the naysayers. Kip gives us an on air quiz to help determine how much courage we have! Courage is quite scientific. Scientists traced these outputs to two main destinations: the basolateral amygdala and the medial prefrontal cortex. Previous work has tied the amygdala to the processing of threat detection and fear, and the medial prefrontal cortex is associated with high-level executive functions and anxiety.

Greg Glaser is the General Counsel for Physicians for Informed Consent, or PIC, a nonprofit organization opposed to vaccine mandates. He was recently called a ‘human vaccine encyclopedia’ for his work with the litigation team opposing the UC’s mandatory flu shot. Greg is passionate about organic living and the Constitution.

How Vaccine Exemptions Work

Informed consent involves the basic human right to consent or refuse a medical treatment or procedure, including vaccination. The consent must be voluntary. If a patient, or parent of a patient, is coerced or threatened in any way into consenting for vaccination (including statutory or government mandated exclusion from school), then the “consent” obtained is actually coerced consent, not informed consent.

The obfuscation of informed consent is what has brought us together. In California, a medical exemption may only be granted on the basis of medical circumstances (“…the physical condition of the child is such, or medical circumstances relating to the child are such, that immunization is not considered safe…”). Cal. Health & Safety Code section 120370. In other states, medical exemptions may be further restricted to contraindications, regardless of the history of vaccine adverse events in the patient or patient’s family.

Constitutional law (United States Constitution, 5th Amendment, Due Process of Law) upholds the right of informed consent, but statutory law in certain States (such as California) appears to currently penalize citizens for exercising this right. Regardless, there are numerous conditions and medical circumstances in which vaccination may not be considered safe.

Thank You

A big thank you to our guests, Kip Watson and Greg Glaser. Read more about the Physicians For Informed Consent here.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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