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#1429, SPCA Free Spay and Neuter, Monica Berg/Be Your Own Valentine

Happy Furry Friday!

We’re discussing the “Let’s Fix This” free spay and neuter program with Maura Davies of the SPCA of Texas, and Monica Berg, author of “”Rethink Love”, teaches us how to be our own Valentine this year. 

Maura Davies

Maura Davies, Vice President of Communications for the SPCA of Texas, discusses “Let’s Fix This”, a free spay and neuter program for over 20 zip codes in the Dallas area. Dallas has had a huge issue with dog bites and stray dogs in certain areas of the city. The SPCA commissioned a study of the areas and concluded that a free spay and neuter program would help lessen the number of bites and strays, but affordable veterinary services weren’t readily available.

Since the program began, the SPCA has spayed and neutered over 55,000 dogs and cats. Education is important, but Davies says that networking has been key to the programs success, building trust and partnerships within the groups in the areas where the services are needed most. It’s a labor of love for everyone involved.

And, this Valentine’s Day, Davies reminds us that chocolate is bad for our pets. Under no circumstances should you give your dog chocolate. If they get into some by accident, watch for any unusual behaviors and call your vet for advice.

To learn more about the “Let’s Fix This” free spay and neuter program, visit

Monica Berg- Be Your Own Valentine

Monica Berg joins us for Valentine’s to give us some great advice on how to be our own Valentine. Berg is the chief communications officer of The Kabbalah Centre International and the author of “Rethink Love” and “Fear is Not an Option”.

Berg says we aren’t really aware of our own past and our own story. Self-knowledge and honesty are so important before you can be in a healthy relationship. We sometimes rely on the other person to fulfill what we’re missing, when we need to look within ourselves. 

We need to understand that a successful life is a messy one. Women can be very critical about themselves because they are expected to be successful in every aspect of their lives; education, home life, relationships career and more. Women seek validation externally and need to only look for their own approval.

If we base relationships on external elements like what the other person has, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. If you’re feeling out of balance, anxious, angry or bitter, you aren’t in tune with yourself. Introspection is key. Ask yourself what you want and don’t be afraid to admit it. Check in with yourself every day and ask if you’re OK ad if not, what do you need? Like attracts like, so whoever you want to attract, become that person.

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Thank you to Monica Berg and Maura Davies for coming on One Life Radio today! And, don’t forget to visit, the SPCA’s free spay and neuter program to see if you qualify, or find ways you can help.

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