#764 May 8th 2018 – The Engagement Ring Dilemma – Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships – Meaningful Alignment

The Engagement Ring Dilemma

David Essel talks about the engagement ring dilemma.

  1. Can you tell us about the engagement ring dilemma… Is it a sign of love? Or status?
  2. Where did this dilemma begin?
  3. How are some couples struggling in their attempt to find love in the engagement process?
  4. So you can’t compare a mans love with the size of his wallet?
  5. How does comparing the two set your relationship up for failure?

Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships

Robin Perry Braun talks about why people stay in abusive relationships.

1. Why do some people stay even when they know the relationship is abusive?

* Don’t feel like they can survive alone financially

* If children are involved, don’t feel like they can care for them alone without help

* Believe being in a dysfunctional relationship is better for children than divorce

* Believe if they divorce they can’t protect the kids from the other parent – they have to be a buffer or protector

* Get so beaten down in their self esteem they believe they are worthless

* Keep hoping the other one will magically change or they keep promising to change

* Don’t know how to set boundaries because they are so “kind”

Meaningful Alignment

Susan Steinbrecher talks about Meaningful Alignment

  1. Why do most people struggle with authentic communication, particularly during high-impact conversations?
  2. Tell us a bit about your Meaningful Alignment work. Why is it so important to focus on emotional management and critical communication skill-building in the workplace?
  3. What can you do during the “heat of the moment” – particularly if a conversation is spiraling out of control

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