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Adaptability & Malleability, Energy Vibrations

Mo Brossette on One Life Radio

Thanks for listening to another great episode of One Life Radio! Today we’re joined by Mo Brossette of The Adaptive Training Foundation discussing adaptability and malleability, and Robin Perry Braun tells us how to get our energy and vibrations in check.

Adaptability and Malleability

Mo Brossette is here to tell us about adaptability and the importance of being mentally malleable.  Brossette has been in the health and fitness industry for over 24 years, and he is currently the Director of Mindset and Nutrition at The Adaptive Training Foundation. The Adaptive Training Foundation is a Dallas based non-profit that leads disabled military veterans and civilians through a 9-week mental and physical training program called “Redefine”. Through this unique program, Mo helps these adaptive athletes overcome physical, emotional and mental pain, fear, and self-doubt.

Brossette says it’s OK to struggle, but you don’t have to suffer. Mo has gone through hard times, but he lived off the belief that “this too shall pass”, and with this belief he knew he’d come out from under his struggle.

Mo says we’re oversensitized to people who disagree with us. We need to agree to disagree and move on. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be open to others opinions.  While many issues today such as wearing masks during COVID and vaccines for children are contentious, everyone should be open to let other people have opinions and ideas. We can offer our opinions, but it’s ultimately up to each person to make their own choices.

People must be adaptable, or they will be stuck. Mo tells a story about a veteran who was told he would never walk again when he came to the Adaptive Training Foundation. You’ll want to listen to the full interview to hear the amazing and inspirational outcome.

The moral of this story? Always be learning something new and keep an open mind. This will help you mentally, physically and spiritually. Learn more about Mo and the Adaptive Training Foundation on instagram @brossette_performance_coaching or learn more on his website.

Good Vibrations

Robin Perry Braun is next discussing vibrations and energy. She says we live our lives on autopilot most of the time. But, when we encounter a detour, we have to pay attention to things we didn’t notice otherwise. These detours are an opportunity to do something different from our normal “autopilot” path, positive or negative. Braun talks about going on vacation as a great way to practice getting out of autopilot mode. It’s a great way to reset, even though it may take a few days to actually “let down” and experience a slower and more relaxed pace.

Robin goes on to explain our “energy” and how it works in our lives. We’re all made up of atoms. All atoms vibrate, but at different frequencies. People around us pick up on our atom vibrations. Depending on someone’s mood, their energy can affect an entire room. Other people sense the vibrations, and vice versa. Adaptability and malleability play into this concept. We’ve all heard the term “He/she totally killed the vibe of the room.”? Braun says that it’s possible to find the source of negative vibrations and release them. She goes on to say how it’s also possible to increase positive vibrations, resulting in a personal higher frequency.

Listen to the full interview to hear Braun discuss a study proving that collective frequencies working in unison have enough power to change the world! Learn more about Robin Perry Braun on her website.

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