Alzheimer’s, Teen Vaping, Urban Farming #938

Alzheimers book Brain Food

Today we talk about Alzheimer’s disease and what are some ways you can keep your brain healthy. Dr. Lisa Mosconi is the author of the book Brain Food. Dr. Mosconi is a neuroscientist and a certified integrative nutritionist therefore, she is well-versed in this topic. It seems today that Alzheimer’s is everywhere and affecting everyone, ever wondered why? Her book is such a great tool to help you understand your brain and what it needs to function optimally.

Every year it seems there is a new trend, for instance: 70’s- bottoms, 80’s- neon, 90’s- crimped hair, 2000’s- track suits, and 2010’s it’s carrying a Starbucks in one hand and vape pen in the other. What is life?!? Why are these cart based vape pens so attractive to teens and what really are the risks? With this being said, if vaping has helped your teen to put down their cigarettes, I guess that is a positive way to look at it. If you are a parent and you want your kid to quit smoking overall, but they are not having any of it, as they continue vaping, encouraging them to look into something like CBDistillery review by HerbMighty so they have the best quality product is possibly as far as you can get, until they decide to quit. If they’re going to continue, at least they should have the best on the market. Plus, giving up smoking is not always easy, but making the transition from a cigarette to a vaping device is a start. Dr. Mike McFarland, Ph.D., is our in-house licensed psychologist. He breaks down this new trend in teens and how parents can best support their kids if they are regularly vaping and their browser history is predominantly filled with sites like Oji Vape and Snoop Dog music.

Autumn Connolly is a self-taught vegan cook and a researcher of all natural remedies (seriously this girl knows everything about anything.) If you’ve ever seen Cinderella, picture her singing to all the wild animals and that’s Autumn at her home. Autumn fills in us city folk on how we can farm at our own home because guess what, it’s really simple! Listen in to this and stay tuned with Autumn as we continue on this topic next week.

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