Approaching and maintaining goals

Approaching and Maintaining Goals & Future of Psychedelics #1071

Approaching and maintaining goals

Today Mo Brossette talks about how to approach and maintain your goals, and Dr. Dan Engle talks about the future of medicine with psychedelics.

How to Properly Approach and Maintain Goals

Mo Brossette is the current director of mindset and nutrition at the Adaptive Training Foundation. He is an amazing speaker and influencer on taking control of your life and reaching goals that you didn’t think were possible. Today he talks with us specifically about how to approach and maintain your goals. Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution? Did you finish, or give up? We all have done it and are guilty of not following through. Goals are the same concept, whether they be short-term or long-term. The act of writing down specific goals for yourself (career, diet, exercise, meditation, etc.) is so helpful to look at and track your progress.

The key to maintaining a goal is to approach that goal properly. This means the first thing you should do is set a date in which that goal needs to be complete. Then, you track your progress in reaching that goal. If you realize you have gone off track, don’t beat yourself up. Just try and remember why you set that goal and follow through. We can accomplish so much more than we tell ourselves, so set high goals! Mo tells us some good tips and advice to make sure we are optimizing our potential and ultimately reaching our goals to the end.

The Future of Medicine with Psychedelics

We have been doing a series with Dr. Dan Engle about psychedelics. Dr. Dan Engle is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology and he is extremely knowledgeable on this subject. Today we talk about the future of medicine with the incorporation of psychedelics; specifically Psilocybin and MDMA. Both are being used for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and seeing great results for even “treatment resistant” conditions. This is such a huge feat for the pharmacology industry as it is tremendously helping those who felt they had no relief from any type of medication or therapy. Dr. Dan explains where we are in the legalization of these two drugs for psychotherapy, as well as what the future impact will be.

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