Dr. Jen Myers on One Life Radio

Beta-Glucans, Compound & Isolation Workouts

Dr. Jen Myers on One Life Radio

Beta-Glucans – What are they, and Why do We Need them?

Today we’re talking about Beta-Glucans with Dr. Jen Myers. Myers is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a Certified Genomics/Nutrigenetic Specialist. She is also a formulator for Sunwarrior plant-based proteins.

Betaglucans are sugars that are found in the cell walls of mushrooms and plants such as oats and barley.  They are used to treat high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure, and even canker sores. They are a soluble fiber, which is extremely beneficial to digestion and can even prevent fat absorption.

Our bodies don’t make Beta Glucan, so we need to include certain foods or supplements in our diets to reap the benefits of this fiber. Dr. Myers sites Sunwarrior Protein Lean as well as several types of medicinal mushrooms as two of the highest sources of beta-glucans.

Myers says that our body can only benefit from taking this amazing natural fiber, so no downside!

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Compound vs. Isolation Workouts

Cody Myler, also known as the Keto Cowboy, is a health & fitness expert, trainer, instructor and business owner. Myler explains the differences of compound and isolation workouts today. They are somewhat self explanatory; a compound workout uses several muscles at the same time, while an isolation workout works a specific muscle.

Knowing the difference is important, though. If you’re striving for really ripped muscles, go with isolation exercises like curls. But, if you want to be toned without looking too muscular, do mostly compound movements.  If you just want to get in shape, Myler recommends 50-60% compound exercise and the rest isolation.

Bernadette reminds us to include cardio in our workouts as well. Myler says timing is everything in regard to cardio. If you want to lose weight, do your cardio before weight training. If you want muscle, do cardio afterwards.  Myler’s tip – if you can do cardio and talk on the phone at the same time, you’re not working hard enough.

Listen to the full interview to hear Cody’s go-to exercise to get fit fast and more tips for adding compound and isolation exercises to your overall program.

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