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Jackie schlegel, Ryan Casey Waller, bill gates

#1432, Jackie Schlegel, Bill Gates, Ryan Casey Waller

Ryan Casey Waller and Jackie Schlegel Today we have Ryan Casey Waller, Author of “Depression, Anxiety, And Other Things We Don’t Want To Talk About,” and Jackie Schlegel, Executive Director for Texans For Vaccine Choice.”  Jackie Schlegel Jackie is excited to be here! She knows that these are heavy subject. But that she, along side Read More

zen Honeycutt, chris gronkowski, iceshaker, moms across america, glyphosate

#1431, Chris Gronkowski, Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America

Happy Monday! We have Zen Honeycutt from Moms Across America at the half, so stick around. Christ Gronkowski is back to discuss fitness myths. Bernadette and Junior talk about football. We have a great show for you this week and are so ready to bring you a new, great, live show! So, let’s get started! Read More

marijuana policy project, jared Moffat, von Eaglin

#1430, Von Eaglin, Jared Moffat, Marijuana Policy Project

Happy Thursday! We have Jared Moffat From The Marijuana Policy Project talking about his organization. Von Eaglin is here to talk about friends in relationships. It has been a long week without live radio, so we are ready to deliver to you! We have a great show for you today, so let’s get started? Jared Read More

Maura Davies, Monica berg

#1429, SPCA Free Spay and Neuter, Monica Berg/Be Your Own Valentine

Happy Furry Friday! We’re discussing the “Let’s Fix This” free spay and neuter program with Maura Davies of the SPCA of Texas, and Monica Berg, author of “”Rethink Love”, teaches us how to be our own Valentine this year.  Maura Davies Maura Davies, Vice President of Communications for the SPCA of Texas, discusses “Let’s Fix Read More

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