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dr. nasha winters

#1450, Dr. Nasha Winters, Greg Glaser

Dr. Nasha Winters & Greg Glaser We have a great show for you with Dr. Nasha Winters, author and oncologist here to talk about “Mistletoe Therapy.” Greg Glaser is back from the Physicians For Informed Consent to give us even more information into what rights we do and do not have as citizens. Dr. Nasha Read More

heather Moore

#1449, Leda Blas, Heather Moore, Running

Leda Blas & Heather Moore Dr. Heather Moore is here to help us decide if running is the right exercise for you. Leda Blas is back to get our butt’s back in shape time for spring! So, let’s get started! Heather Moore Dr. Heather Moore is a nationally recognized doctor of physical therapy and a Read More

teneshia warner

#1438, Teneshia Warner, Vince Thompson

Teneshia Warner & Vince Thompson Teneshia Warner is founder and CEO of one of the country’s most successful multicultural marketing and communications firms, EGAMI Group. Vince Thompson is the founder, chairman and CEO of MELT, one of the most successful sports marketing and branding agencies in America today. So, let’s get started! Teneshia Warner Teneshia Read More

children's health defense, Mary Holland, autumn warren connolly

#1437, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense, Autumn Warren Connolly

Mary Holland & Autumn Warren Connolly Autumn Warren Connolly is talking about Binaural Beets, And Mary Holland from The Children’s Health Defense is talking about the SARS-v-2 Inoculation on trial. Should be a an interesting show!⠀ Autumn Warren Connolly Autumn Connolly lives in the sky islands of Arizona with her three kiddos and animal babies. She Read More

faraz khan, Maura Davies

Maura Davies, Faraz Khan – #1436

Maura Davies is here to talk about SPCA of Texas pet caring for pets in freezing temperatures. Faraz Khan is here to talk about how to reduce scarring. So let’s get started! Maura Davies Maura Davies is the Vice President for Marketing & Communications at the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Read More

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