#803 Jul 11th 2018 – Ketone Supplements & Anxiety – Nu-Plasma

Ketone Supplements & Anxiety with Dr. Dom D’Agostino Dr. Dom D’Agostino talks about his latest research on ketone supplements & anxiety. How did you get interested in studying the ketogenic diet and ketone supplementation? What are some emerging applications of nutritional ketosis? What made you interested in studying the anxiolytic effect of ketone supplementation? What Read More


Feb 8th 2018 – Confusion Over Dairy in Keto – Concussion Repair Manual – The Price of Silence: Identifying Toxic Coaches

Dairy in Keto?! Miriam Kalamian, author of Keto for Cancer talks about confusion over dairy in the ketogenic diet. Why may milk be a problem, even if butter or cream are okay? What does lactose intolerance really mean? Tune in to find out! The Concussion Repair Manual Dr. Dan Engle, author of The Concussion Repair Manual talks about Read More

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