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Dog’s Emotions, Moms Across America, Setting Daily Micro-Goals #1149

Moms Across America

Today we talk with Maura Davies about which emotions dogs actually feel. Then we talk with Zen Honeycutt about her non-profit group, Moms Across America. Lastly, we talk with Mo Brossette about setting daily micro-goals.

Which Emotions do Dogs Actually Feel?

When it comes to the emotions of a human compared to that of a dog, there are some major differences. Maura Davies is the VP of Communications for the SPCA of Texas. Today we talk about which emotions dogs can actually feel. Here is a list:

  • Joy
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Love

But, a dog does not experience the more complex emotions like guilt, pride, and shame. Some of those emotions are what brings out a lot of ugly in us humans. Dogs are so amazing and provide an unconditional love like no human truly can. We must treat them with love and respect in return.

Moms Across America

Zen Honeycutt joins us today over the phone to discuss the passion and reason behind founding the organization, Moms Across America. She tell us her story that led her to start doing her own research and ultimately discovering the scary truth about the infamous, GMO’s. Zen talks with us about how GMO’s and pesticides are infiltrating every aspect of our food and our environment. You will be shocked by the long-term effects, they are chilling.

  • Zen Honeycutt is the Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America, a non-profit National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms. Moms Across America empowers and amplifies the voice of the mom locally and nationally to create healthy communities by raising awareness about GMOs and related pesticides in our food. Zen has been featured on major mainstream news stations and documentaries. She is an international speaker, and author of Unstoppable: Transforming Sickness and Struggle into Triumph, Empowerment and a Celebration of Community.

Setting Daily Micro-Goals with Mo

Mo Brossette joins us today to talk about setting daily micro-goals. In other words, taking baby steps to your bigger, long-term goals. These daily micro-goals can be so small, but when you set them you have a higher chance of actually following through. Mo talks about where to start with these daily micro-goals, and how they will help you in your own personal growth.

  • Mo Brossette is an expert on human behavior, mindset, movement, and nutrition. He is a Keynote Speaker on Fear and Human Potential, where he teaches companies and individuals how to achieve professional and personal goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and use fear as your greatest tool for success.

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