Dr. Will Cole – Intestinal Parasites, Dr. Bradley Nelson – Holding on to Past Hurts #995

Dr. Will Cole

We became obsessed with Dr. Will Cole after we had him on to talk about his book Ketotarian. He is knowledgeable on so many subjects and his compassion and humility are a huge part of his success. Dr. Will Cole joins us today to talk about intestinal parasites…(gross!?) There are different types of parasites out there and some actually can be beneficial. Dr. Will Cole tells us how we can get the bad kind intestinal parasites and how to stay away from them. He also talks about how certain parasites are being used for healing properties and health.

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the author of the book, The Emotion Code, and is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and energy psychology. He talks about how past hurts can physically manifest in our bodies and why it is so important to talk to someone and release that negative energy. Dr. Nelson is also giving away a free Emotion Code starter kit here.

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