SPCA Drive Thru Adoption on One Life Radio

Drive-thru Pet Adoption, All Y’alls Foods, Beginning Again

SPCA Drive Thru Adoption on One Life Radio

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the first day Texas is allowing restaurants to open at 25% capacity. I’m holding off to see how it goes before I hit a patio for brunch. We’ll be doing updates, so check back.

SPCA Offering Drive-Thru Pet Adoption

Maura Davies, Vice President of Communications for the SPCA of North Texas, joins us for our weekly Friday Pet Segment. She’s updating us on their newly semi-reopened adoption center.   The Dallas facility is now offering drive-through pet adoption! They will expand their services in the coming weeks until they are fully open for business. Just go to spca.org to see the animals available for adoption and then drive by to pick up your furever friend!

Davies and her team have been working tirelessly to help all animals since the outbreak. If you are having financial issues because of  COVID-19, the SPCA can help by providing pet food and other services. Visit SPCA.org for more information on their drive-thru pet adoptions, pet food bank and all of the great services the offer.

History of All Y’all Foods

Brett Christoffel, is the founder and CEO of All Y’alls Foods creator of It’s Jerky Y’all plant-based jerky snacks.

He founded the company in May of 2018 after learning about the negative impact the beef industry has on animals and the environment.

He took his plant-based mission a step further by partnering with the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a cattle ranch-turned vegan sanctuary with the largest herd of rescued cows in the state of Texas.

A family trip to the zoo years ago was the final turning point for Christoffel. He gave up eating animal products for good. He opened an all-vegan juice bar where he and his wife worked on different recipes and combinations until finally landing on his “It’s Jerky Y’all” recipe. His jerky is made from whole soybeans, and Christoffel says all his products will soon be 100% organic.

His advice for going vegan? Think of your favorite foods and find the vegan alternatives. Some you may not like, but some you will. There are more vegan options now more than ever before.

He also talks about his partnership with The Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a Texas animal sanctuary run by an ex-rancher! Because of the owner’s background in factory farming, he’s been able to not only save animals, but also offer ranchers solutions and ways they can make money without having to raise animals for consumption. Learn more about the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and how you can help.

Look for a new product from All Y’alls Foods in June!

Check out some past episodes to learn about other animal groups we support on One Life Radio!

Beginning Again After Quarantine

To end the week, Sam Morris joins us.  Morris is the founder of The Unbreakable Man Project, an interactive web-based personal development program for men wanting to “slay their mental dragons” of depression, anxiety and addiction. According to Morris, everyone should learn to be a beginner again. Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan are two people who utilize this technique, continually learning and trying new things.

We all came into the world the same way. We all had to learn to walk, talk and communicate and we learn something new every day. No one should ever feel like there’s nothing left to learn, but be open to be vulnerable and open to growth and change.

It’s possible that we won’t ever go back to our “normal lives” after quarantine.  Morris says the most important thing to remember is to be compassionate of others as we transition into the “new normal”. We’re all going to react to these changes in different ways. We need to have patience, compassion and understanding. Be a beginner in everything you do; relationships, addictions, career, fitness or whatever it may be. It’s never too late to start fresh!

Learn more about Sam Morris at www.themanunbreakable.com.

Thanks again to all of our One Life Radio listeners and our wonderful sponsors; Enviromedica, Sunwarrior, Ned, Paleo Magazine, Paleof(x), the Well Being Journal, VEGWORLD Magazine and the ISSN. And, don’t forget about the SPCA’s drive-thru pet adoption service happening now!

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