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Earth Day, Path to Veganism, Plyometrics

Earth Day One Life RadioHappy Earth Day! We’re celebrating mind, body and planet today with Courtney Garza of VEGWORLD Magazine, Autumn Warren-Connolly, creator of Anvil Traditional Healing and Tina Bernet of TB Fitness Pro. It’s a party for the planet, and everyone’s invited!

The Path to Veganism

Courtney Garza, publisher of VEGWORLD Magazine, kicks off the party discussing how she transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. Garza’s best tip for transitioning to a plant-based diet is to go at your own pace. Everyone’s path is different. Garza’s journey to a completely vegan lifestyle actually took six years. Her path began with giving up red meat, then poultry, next seafood and finally dairy products. Like many of us, she didn’t want to give up ice cream. The good news is that we now have a plethora of amazing vegan substitutes for all of the foods we love.  Garza says to just go at your own pace. Any small change you make is a big change for the planet. VEGWORLD Magazine is an amazing resource for all things vegan. Check it out for recipes, swaps, restaurant reviews and much more.

Earth Day Chant with Autumn Warren Connolly

Autumn Warren Connolly of Anvil Traditional Healing talks about how she is celebrating Earth Day at home. Connolly is spending the day in her garden planting vegetables with her children. She says it’s so important to teach our children where our food comes from.

Connolly tells us about her new venture, Anvil Traditional Healing, She’s designed kefir-based probiotic elixir kits so we can make our own probiotic drinks at home. As the founder and creator of Ether Elixir, Connolly has extensive knowledge and experience creating her own probiotic drinks. We end the segment with Connolly singing one of her amazing chants in celebration of Earth Day. We’re sure you’ll want to listen to Autumn chant again and again.

Plyometric Exercises

Our resident fitness expert, Tina Bernet, explains plyometric workouts. Plyometric exercises use different speeds of movement through jumping exercises. Bernet sites squat jumps as a good example of a plyometric exercise. When you squat jump, you “load up” while down on the ground to prepare your body to jump, in other words, the “explosive” part of the exercise. Plyometric exercises are advanced, so be careful as a beginner. Bernet suggests starting with jumping jacks. You can visit her instagram page for several examples of plyometric exercises you can do at home. And, listen to the entire show for more tips from Tina. If you’d like to ask her questions about your routine, email her at

Thanks to all of our guests for a fantastic Earth Day show! And, thank you to all of our One Life Radio listeners!

Finally a special thank you to our sponsors. We couldn’t do the show without your support;  Sunwarrior, Enviromedica, NED Full-spectrum hemp oil,  STS Health, Paleof(x), VEGWORLD Magazine, The Well Being Journal and Paleo Magazine.


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