EarthX Film, Organic Cotton, CBD for Anxiety, Boost Serotonin Naturally #974

EarthX is coming up! We are so excited to be a media sponsor for this expo every year and be apart of such a great environmental expo. The Film festival is definitely a highlighted feature, there are over 60 films being screened that focus on topics ranging from animal rights, water conservation, rhino conservation and more. Michael Cain is the president of EarthX Film and he talks about some of the features that are a must-see!

Karina Gordin is a writer for the Well-Being Journal and her most recent article is on Organic Cotton. Organic Cotton is something that more people need to invest their time to look into. So much goes into farming cotton that would make you never want to purchase conventional cotton again. Listen in to hear what kinds of products to look out for and what companies are doing cotton organically.

Hilary Morse is the CEO and co-founder for our amazing sponsor, The H. Hemp Company. She has her own personal journey struggling with anxiety and prescription medication that brought her down the CBD trail and led her to start her own company after using similar products like this cbd oil 5000 mg. She tells us some of the things that make the H. Hemp Company different and why you should research CBD before you buy. It may also be worth looking into other methods of using CBD or marijuana as a method of dealing with anxiety. Some patients may struggle to smoke to allow them to benefit from CBD. Fortunately, there are now more products that are edible becoming more readily available, which removes the need to smoke, as you can eat the sweets to benefit from CBD.

Faye Elahi joins us to talk about the happy chemical, Serotonin. So many of us are lacking in the serotonin department, which leads to depression, which leads to pharmaceutical drugs. But there are other ways to naturally increase serotonin and Faye gives us all the details!

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