Enlightened Baking, Artificial Food Dyes, Avoiding Therapy #1191

Enlightened Baking

Today we start the show by talking with Celine Ikeler, founder of Karma Baker, about Enlightened Baking. Then we talk with Faye Elahi about artificial food dyes, and DeWone Bennett talks about why people avoid therapy.

Enlightened Baking with Celine Ikeler

Celine Ikeler is the Karma Baker. She’s a mother, artist, and foodie with a daily meditation practice. Celine practices a new style of baking by transforming organic plant-based and gluten-free ingredients into extraordinary baked goods for everyone. Today we talk with her about Enlightened Baking™, which is the intention of one’s heart and mind becoming infused with food as its made. This is the philosophy at Karma Baker. All of their baked goods are also vegan and gluten-free. The baking process is a culmination of consciousness and a loving environment, where they bake, create, get along and actually like each other. Resulting in food that is extraordinary. Karma Baker is saving our planet and your soul’s karma.

Shop on their website and get delicious sweets delivered directly to your door. You will not be disappointed!

Artificial Food Dyes with Faye Elahi

Faye Elahi is a non-celiac, gluten sensitive nutritionist with 22 years of experience in special needs nutrition. She is the author of the locally popular gluten-free nutrition book, Ready, Set, Eat!Today we talk with Faye about the negative effects of artificial food dyes and colorings. Artificial dyes may cause serious side effects, such as hyperactivity in children, as well as cancer and allergies. And the amount of products on the shelves containing artificial colorings has skyrocketed in the last 50 years. They are in EVERYTHING. But why?

Faye tells us some of the possible motives behind adding in artificial colorings and dyes. Most of the time it is for the overall appeal. If adding dyes can make a consumer more attracted to something, then the more chance they will buy. At the end of the day, artificial food dyes are full of disrupting chemicals, and our children are the most at risk. Listen in to hear what Faye has to say about this.

Why People Avoid Therapy with DeWone Bennett

DeWone Bennett is a licensed professional counselor. Today we talk with him about some of the reasons that people avoid or are hesitant to go to therapy. These reasons can be fear of feeling weak, fear of information about your personal life being shared, or fear of placing blame on the wrong people. Therapy can be so good for the healing process from mental and emotional traumas. We all experience trauma, and the severity doesn’t matter when it comes to therapy. If you feel like therapy is/isn’t for you, listen in to what DeWone has to say.

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