Enviromedica on One Life Radio

enviromedica on One Life Radio

If you look to the Earth, there is an intelligence that is far beyond the understanding we could hope to come to in this lifetime or 500 lifetimes. This intelligence is built into us as humans, through evolutionary biology, and it is greater than us. Enviromedica embodies a respect for that intelligence. Enviromedica products reflect symbiotic combinations that occur in nature, utilizing only the purest ingredients from around the world. The products are superior formulations of the highest quality designed to help reconnect and align the body with its genetic legacy. Visit their website to find Terraflora Synbiotic, Magnetic Clay Bath, Pastured Cartilage Collagen and more. enviromedica.com

Listen to CEO of enviromedica, Jared Ramirez, discuss synbiotic benefits on our show!

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