Gut Health and Probiotics

Gut Health & Probiotics, Fiber 101 #1168

Gut Health and Probiotics

In today’s show we talk with Jared Ramirez, CEO of Enviromedica, about gut health and probiotics. Then we talk with Jill Lane about everything you need to know about fiber.

Gut Health and Probiotics

We have come to learn that the health of our gut affects almost every other bodily function. There is a gut-brain axis, which is a direct linkage of the foods we eat and the health of our brain. In the last few years, the importance of taking a probiotic or eating fermented foods regularly has become a trendy topic. With the market becoming saturated with different products, it is difficult to navigate through them all. Jared Ramirez is the CEO of Enviromedica, which carries premium products to support the body’s ancestral biology.

Jared talks with us today about how you should be incorporating probiotics into your diet daily, and what the benefits are. If you struggle with any GI issues, probiotics should ease your symptoms. You can also eat fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt. But if you know you aren’t consuming these regularly, it’s much easier to take a daily supplement. Enviromedica has a top-of-the-line probiotic, Terraflora. Terraflora is a broad spectrum synbiotic formulated with a combination of spore form probiotics, and advanced, food-based, ancient prebiotics. Our gut health is so important to overall wellness, and this probiotic is one you can trust.

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Fiber 101 with Jill Lane

Jill Lane is an expert in the fields of nutrition and exercise physiology. She joins us today to talk about everything you need to know about fiber. Fiber is one of those things that we all probably don’t get enough of. And the importance of how much we need isn’t talked about enough. So Jill is here to set the record straight. She tells us what foods will give us the most fiber, and how to incorporate them daily. And she talks about some of the signs and symptoms that you may be lacking fiber.

Here’s the deal, fiber cleans us out. It keeps things moving smoothly and flushes out the bad stuff. When we don’t get that, a lot of negative repercussions will occur. Jill is here to prevent that, so don’t miss this one.


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