Manage Overeating

How Pets Ease Depression & How to Manage Overeating #1144

Manage Overeating

In today’s episode we talk with Maura Davies about the 6 ways pets can help to ease depression. We also talk with Shawn Wells about how to manage overeating.

The Ways Pets Ease Depression

Maura Davies is our in-house animal girl on Friday’s. She is the Vice President of Communications for the SPCA of Texas. She always gives us updates and information on the ways to help animals in the community and reduce the amount of animals in shelters. Today we talk with her about the ways that animals can help to ease depression. Emotional support animals can really be life-changing for people who struggle with things like anxiety and depression. Here are the 6 ways:

  1. Pets offer a soothing presence.
  2. Pets offer unconditional love and acceptance.
  3. Pets alter our behavior.
  4. Pets distract.

    Bernadette and Mick
    Bern and her rescue, Mick
  5. Pets promote touch.
  6. Pets make us responsible.

So if you struggle with things like anxiety, depression, high-stress, then maybe getting a pet is the thing for you! We always recommend going to your local shelter, this gives an animal a second chance and opens a spot for another to have that chance as well. There are so many therapeutic and beautiful things that come from the love of a pet, we just love our animals!

How to Manage Overeating

Shawn Wells is a registered dietitian, certified sports nutritionist, and dubbed the “World’s Greatest Formulator” of supplements. He has so much knowledge and experience in the nutrition, health, and fitness industries that he is the perfect person to talk to about this topic. We talk about why overeating can get so out of control, how to manage it, and we talk a little bit about supplements.

Learning how to manage overeating can be extremely difficult. ESPECIALLY during the holidays. There is a plethora of food, basically anywhere you go during this time of year. There are holiday parties, cookie exchanges, catered events, etc., and more often than not, your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Afterward, you feel overfull and guilty about how much you consumed. This is where Shawn Wells comes in. He tells us how to deal with the aftermath of overeating, because let’s face it, we are going to fail sometimes. He also tells us how to prevent overeating.

Then we go into supplements for the fall and winter months which boost the immune system, and help with all sorts of bodily functions. Bernadette and Shawn talk about some of their favorite on-the-go snacks, favorite supplements, and minerals for everyday health.

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