Health Trends 2020

Jill Lane: Health Trends in 2020 #1177

Health Trends 2020

Jill Lane Gives us the Hottest Health & Wellness Trends of 2020

Jill Lane is an expert in the fields of nutrition and exercise physiology and she is a pro-athlete health and nutrition coach. We covered the hottest health and wellness trends of 2019 in this episode, and today we are covering them for 2020 so far. There are some new and upcoming trends this year that were not on the list last year. For example, intermittent fasting. Jill talks with us about intermittent fasting and how it is properly done along with how you can benefit.

Another that wasn’t so much on the list last year is nootropics. Jill breaks down what these are and which ones she personally takes daily. Supplements are SO important, but there are way too many out there. If you shop through our One Life Radio/Thorne dispensary, you will receive 20% off and free shipping. Their products are top of the line, and personally endorsed by Jill.

Having youthful skin, less wrinkles, and fuller lips all have a common theme – anti-aging. So many products on the market claim to be “anti-aging” and we want to know more about it. Health trends are ever-changing, but one thing stays the same; we all want to be healthier, live longer, and look better than ever. We talk with Jill about all of this and so much more in today’s episode.

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