Katherine Lawrence & Stephanie Toups #1185


Today we talk with Katherine Lawrence about her story of how food saved her life and led her to start her own business. Then we talk with Stephanie Toups about extreme prepping for any situation.

Food Saved Me with Katherine Lawrence

Katherine Lawrence’s story begins back in 2006. She was suffering from severe abdominal pain and was receiving multiple misdiagnosis. Finally, her doctor determined she had severe endometriosis. He told her she was most-likely infertile and recommended she have a hysterectomy. From there, Katherine’s story only goes uphill. She discovered nutrition as her medicinal healer and started to see amazing things happen to her body. She made significant diet changes, and the results were undeniable. Even her doctor was amazed.

Katherine’s story doesn’t end there. Listen in to hear how she overcame her diagnosis, and even birthed 3 healthy and thriving boys. Now, Katherine’s passion is to empower people to improve their health, their perspective and their lives through healthy eating. Find Katherine here.

Extreme Prepping with Stephanie Toups

Stephanie Toups is a consumer advocate professional who is particularly focused on safety in food and personal care products. Another thing Stephanie is an expert in, is prepping. Have you ever heard of a doomsday prepper? Yes, they are real and Stephanie is one of them. She has a whole survival guide in the event of an emergency. It’s actually very impressive. She talks with us today about where to start when prepping. In a situation like a fire, flood, power outage, economic collapse, etc., Stephanie and her family are prepared for it. But, where did she begin?

This is what we talk with her about today. We talk about packing a go-bag, which you would have in the event you have to evacuate your home. Next, we talk about in case of a fire. And lastly, we talk about essential items you should stock up on for yourself and your family and where to keep them. This is such an interesting and important topic. We never know when a crisis can hit, that’s why we prep!

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