Wild Foods & Shawn Wells on One Life Radio

Medicinal Mushrooms, The Future of Food

Wild Foods & Shawn Wells on One Life Radio

Hello everyone! We are excited to have Colin Stuckert, CEO of Wild Foods, discussing the power of medicinal mushrooms and Shawn Wells, @ingredientologist talking about the future of food.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Colin Stuckert, founder of Wild Foods, is introducing us to medicinal mushrooms. Stuckert lives his life based on the “Ancestral Mindset.” He believes that by understanding our evolutionary past, we can reverse our failing health through a consciously-designed lifestyle. For Stuckert, mushrooms play a big part in his overall health routine.

Stuckert became interested in mushrooms when he started his journey living closer to nature several years ago. He gradually incorporated them in his daily routine and after realizing the amazing benefits, he introduced them into his Wild Foods product line. According to Stuckert, we’ve just scratched the surface regarding the true power of mushrooms for health. Mushrooms are adaptogens, which means they can possibly prevent illnesses by helping our bodies to adapt to our current environment. So, to get the full benefits from mushrooms, they should be included in an ongoing daily lifestyle routine.  Stuckert recommends that everyone take their time to build a well-rounded health routine specific to your individual needs. Most importantly, design a plan that you can stick to for life.

Learn about the five kinds of mushrooms that are most beneficial to our health on the podcast! You can also visit Wild Foods for a comprehensive guide to mushrooms.

The Future of Food

Shawn Wells talks about the future of food. Bernadette sites a study indicating that a plant-based diet is healthier than most, but Wells says it’s not that simple. Many factors come into play when deciding on the best overall diet plan for an individual. Wells believes that Westerners are too removed from the process of how food is made in today’s society, and what these processed foods are doing to our health. Because most of us have never raised animals  to eat or grown a garden for food, we are blind to the abuse our food supply has caused to animals and the planet. We’ve ultimately “turned a blind eye” to the effects our food consumption is having on our health, community and planet.

Wells goes on to explain the difference between “vegan” and “plant-based” diets. You can be a vegan and eat gummy bears and drink Coca-cola on a daily basis. He says it’s not enough to just avoid animal products. We must eat nutrient-dense, plant-based foods if we’re going to be healthy. This applies to everyone, no matter the diet or lifestyle each person follows.

Wells site the Paleo lifestyle, which is getting back to the way our hunter/gatherer ancestors ate as a good basis for healthy eating. Many less-industrious populations are healthier overall because they get their foods the same way they have for hundreds of years; seafood from regional waters, vegetables and fruits from local gardens and beef and poultry from local farms.

He goes on to discuss engineered superfoods, sugar, Keto, fiber and more, so listen to the interview and please subscribe to our podcast to hear his expert recommendations and advice on upcoming shows.

Thanks from One Life Radio!

Thank you to our guests, Colin Stuckert of Wild Foods and Shawn Wells, the @ingredientologist! And, as always, thank you to listeners and our sponsors!

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