Navigating the Holidays & Habits that Sabotage Self-Control #1147


Today we talk with V Capaldi about navigating through the holidays, and Tina Bernet Allen talks about 5 common habits that sabotage self-control.

Navigating the Holidays with V Capaldi

Diane “V” Capaldi is the founder of PaleoBOSS Lady, a TedX speaker, 5 star rated chef, influencer, and writer for Paleo Magazine. Today we talk with her about some of her tips and tricks that help to navigate through the holidays. There are so many events, parties, family gatherings, etc., that it all can get overwhelming. We put pressure to be at so many things, and end up not even enjoying our time wherever we are. V tells us a way to attend the events you choose and still have time for yourself (it’s a neat little trick.)

Then we talk about planning your food choices around the holidays. V talks about her passion for not throwing in the towel on your diet just because it’s the holiday season. She gives us her tips to prepare so that you can stick with your healthy lifestyle. Then we talk about dealing with stress, some Italian recipes, and much more. She also has an upcoming free online CBD summit in January, here is a link to register!

5 Common Habits That Sabotage Self-Control

Tina Bernet Allen is a top female trainer in the DFW area with over 30 years of experience. She is an expert on all things that effect your body composition. Today we talk about some common habits that sabotage your self-control. We all have triggers that influence our diet to go off the tracks. For some it could be simply removing certain foods from the kitchen. For others, it’s rooted a little bit deeper. Today we specifically talk about these common habits:

  1. Multitasking
  2. Cluttered Spaces
  3. Sleep
  4. Willpower
  5. Overly Ambitious Goals

Tina breaks these down and explains how we can take steps to change our environment and habits to have better self-control, and ultimately a healthier life.

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