Courtney Garza on One Life Radio

SPCA, U.S. “Wet Markets” and At-Home Gardens

Courtney Garza on One Life Radio

Hello One Life Radio listeners! Thank you to our guests, Maura Davies of the SPCA of Texas, Courtney Garza of VEGWORLD Magazine and Stephanie Toups for an awesome Friday show.

Pet Separation Anxiety

Maura Davies says we need to be proactive preparing our pets for when we go back to work. Is easy for dogs and cats to get separation anxiety when owners aren’t home. With the COVID-19 quarantine, our pets have had the times of their lives hanging out with us, but it may be hard for them to adjust to the new schedule. You may see this through excessive parking, crying, chewing or relieving themselves where they’re not supposed to. Davis says to please be patient and start training your animal now. Leave for a little bit each day and see how your pet reacts. lf they seem OK, stay away a little longer next time. Listen to the full interview for more tips from Maura, or this great article from People Magazine. 

Ending Wet Markets in New York

Next, Courtney Garza, CEO of VEGWORLD Magazine, sites an article from their latest issue regarding “Wet Markets” in NYC. We’ve heard of these markets, but in China, not New York. Vendors sell animals, both dead and alive,  for human consumption, without following health regulations. The term “wet market” comes from the unsanitary amount of blood, feces and urine from these animals that cover the ground.

Carissa Kranz, founding attorney for the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz, is fighting to ban wet markets in New York, where there are currently over 80 “wet markets” according to PETA.  Kranz calls these unregulated slaughterhouses “hotbeds for contagion,” and is deeply concerned that in the midst of a global pandemic, thousands of these operations are still active from Illinois to California.

Read the full article on VEGWORLD, and listen to the podcast to hear how you can help end these markets.

How to Start an At-Home Garden

Stephanie Toups joins us to give listeners the building blocks they need to start an at-home garden. You may be able to just start digging in your backyard, but Toups says to get the soil tested and also fertilize with compost before planting. Listen to the podcast for her plant recommendations for keeping mosquitos away this summer!

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