One Life Radio and SPCA

SPCA Update, 5G, Robin Perry Braun and Jonny Bowden

One Life Radio and SPCA

We always love to talk to Maura Davies from the SPCA.

She updated us on the pets currently in the SPCA shelters and how we can all help. The centers are currently closed, but she let us know the animals are all being cared for and are getting lots of love. While they aren’t adopting pets at this time, or allowing volunteers, you can go to to donate food and other items to pets.

Next we have Debra Greene, PhD, and author of “Endless Energy” calling from Hawaii.

Greene says Trump has passed two laws during lockdown to promote the growth of 5G networks across the U.S. Companies are using this downtime to install 5G antennas on schools. You can visit to read more about it. Many scientists and experts agree that 5G is harmful to humans and the planet.

Robin Perry Braun gives us more ways to manage anxiety.

Again, diet is so important. We all need to get enough vitamins including B & C. Braun also talks about quantum physics, understanding the science of energy. This includes the Laws of attraction and expansion. Our thoughts, emotions and energy manifest things in the universe. When we focus on one thing, we add energy to what we’re thinking about. So, if we only focus on problems, the problems grow. The good news is the opposite is true. So, it truly is mind over matter. Pay attention to what you are thinking. Think of solutions rather than problems, keep a gratitude journal and know that this too shall pass. Fear stands for False Events Appearing Real. Know the difference between reality and fear and know that you can change your thoughts.

Dr. Jonny Bowden closes the show discussing the differences on how we respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

People are finding opportunities to reconnect with friends, old coworkers and family. Others are stockpiling ammunition, food and more. He says take care of yourself and relax! Bowden’s six supplements for immunity: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine), Elderberry extract and olive leaf extract. 

Everyone have a great weekend and remember to help the SPCA! We’ll keep you updated on the shelters in the coming weeks.



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