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Supplement Therapy, Probiotics and Parenting without Stereotypes

One Life Radio Environmedica

Jill Lane joins us for the second time this week to continue our conversation regarding alternative health and supplement therapy. As we all have learned, sleep is so important for overall health. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try Valerian Root or Lemon Balm tea. Jill works with our partner, Thorne Research, and is an expert in supplement therapy. Don’t forget to check out our Thorne page for 20% off.

Jared Ramirez from Environmedica  brings us his knowledge expert advice on probiotics and immunity. Environmedica formulates and manufactures all of their products on-site, so they know everything that goes into each bottle inside and out. Ramirez reminds us about the importance of gut health in relation to our overall well-being, especially during COVID-19.  It’s important to manage our good and bad gut bacteria at all times, but especially now.  Ramirez says to continue healthy eating, get enough sleep and use a probiotic supplement like Terraflora, if you need an extra boost. Here’s another show to reference regarding immune support during COVID-19

Kip Watson discusses raising boys without stereotypes. She says the masculine qualities we used to deem important when raising boys have changed. Gender diversity is becoming more and more common. Watson thinks we can help children develop their own personalities by celebrating the traits they lean towards naturally. But, it’s important to teach them to act out these personality traits appropriately, whether masculine or feminine. Let them know all of these qualities and traits or leanings are OK, as long as they are always respectful and loving to those around them.



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