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#1414, Lily Dulan, Dr. Lori Whatley

Happy Thursday! We have a great show for you all today! Lily Dulan, author of “Giving Grief Meaning: A Method for Transforming Deep Suffering into Healing and Positive Change” is here. Dr. Lori Whatley’s is back to discuss talking about politics with your kids. So, let’s get started! Lily Dulan Lily Dulan is an MFT Read More

Von Eaglin, zen Honeycutt, moms across America

#1323, Zen Honeycutt Moms Across America, Von Eaglin

Happy Thursday! Bernadette is out of breathe right from the start! She is just so excited for todays show! Von Eaglin is on at the half to talk about understanding vs empathy. But first, Zen Honeycutt of Mom’s Across America! Von Eaglin Von Eaglin is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and works with two group practices Read More

Von Eaglin, dr. lori whatley

#1313, Dr. Lori Whatley, Von Eaglin and Denial

Happy Thursday! We are happy it is almost the weekend! Bernadette encourages us all to read our labels! Don’t get frosted by pretty packaging! Bernadette got her youngest a PSL this morning and left her wondering how much sugar was in one. There are 50 grams of sugar in a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte from Read More

#1301, Del Bigtree and Censorship, Enviromedica’s Jared Ramirez

Happy Tuesday! Happy Tuesday from the OLR team! We are just so excited for Del Bigtree and Jared Ramirez to be here! This is one of One Life Radio’s most important shows in history! With censorship becoming a bigger and bigger problem these days, Del Bigtree is discussing his personal struggles with being censored. Jared Read More

photo of our two guests, Jared Ramirez and Von Eaglin

#1286, Jared Ramirez, Von Eaglin

Terrific Tuesday! Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a great show in store for you all. CEO of Enviromedica, Jared Ramirez is here to discuss soil based probiotics. Longtime friend of the show Von Eaglin is here to talk about raising children successfully. Jared Ramirez Jared Ramirez breaks down the types of probiotics. Spore-based were introduced Read More

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