Enviromedica on One Life Radio

If you look to the Earth, there is an intelligence that is far beyond the understanding we could hope to come to in this lifetime or 500 lifetimes. This intelligence is built into us as humans, through evolutionary biology, and it is greater than us. Enviromedica embodies a respect for that intelligence. Enviromedica products reflect Read More

Enviromedica, Jared Ramirez, moms across america, Zen Honeycutt

#1384, Jared Ramirez, Enviromedica, Zen Honeycutt

Happy Tuesday! Happy Tuesday and Happy football shop talk! Junior and Bernadette talk about the Falcons, The Cowboys, and more! Junior tells us about his friend and former Dallas Cowboy Chris Gronkowski being on the show tomorrow! Meanwhile, we have a great show in store for you today! At the half we have Zen Honeycutt Read More

mo brossette, jared Ramirez

#1346, Jared Ramirez, Germ Theory, Mo Brossette

Happy Tuesday! Today is National No Bra Day! So take that bra off ladies and be free! Bernadette and her daughter went to Ikea yesterday and boy did they have a blast! 2 full shopping carts later, and here we are. We have a great show in store today with Jared Ramirez and Mo Brossette Read More

mory fontanez, Jared Ramirez, immunoflora

#1321, Immunoflora w/ Jared Ramirez, Mory Fontanez

Happy Tuesday Bernadette is so excited for today’s show! She has been waiting for her Immunoflora shipment in the mail, she even ordered 5 more boxes! Jared Ramirez is here to talk about their new product! Mory Fontanez is on later in the half to discuss gender bias in corporate America! Jared Ramirez Jared Ramirez Read More

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