#1408 Koya Webb, Courtney Garza

Happy Wednesday Internationally recognized yoga teacher, celebrity holistic health coach, author, speaker, and podcast host Koya Webb is here to talk about the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. And, the Editor-in-Chief of VEGWORLD Magazine, Courtney Garza, gives us an inside look to the VEGWORLD Wellness issue. Koya Webb Koya Webb is an internationally Read More

Beth reeder johnson, dewone Bennett

#1381, Beth Reeder Johnson, Dewone Bennett

Happy Thursday! We have a great show in store for you today! At the half we have season Licensed Professional Councilor, Dewone Bennett! But before we get to Dewone, we have another amazing councilor Beth Reeder Johnson! Let’s get started with Beth Reeder Johnson talking about fear and shame! Beth Reeder Johnson Beth is a Read More

Matt Peale, Tina Bernet allen, tips and tricks

#1380, Tina Bernet Allen, Matt Peale

Happy Wednesday! Junior and Bernadette talk about seasonal effectiveness disorder! Dallas is a little gloomy today, so it is trying to affect our energies, but we won’t let it! We are going to pour positivity through your speakers today! We have a great show today with Matt Peale on at the half! But first up, Read More

photo of our two guests, Von Eaglin and robin Perry braun

#1293, Robin Perry Braun, Von Eaglin

Happy Thursday! Happy Thursday from everyone here at One Life Radio! It’s psychology day! We sure are ready for the weekend! Bernadette talks about her crazy dog-filled house and the importance of having strong muscles while having so many animals. You never know when you need to be nimble, so here’s the reminder you need Read More

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