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autumn warren connolly, Jason Harris, hypnosis, Mekanism, the soulful art of persuasion, 2021

#1393, Autumn Connolly, Hypnosis, Jason Harris, 2021

Happy Monday! Bernadette and Junior are excited that were are now on FM in Southern California! How cool! We here at One Life Radio are so excited to get our information out there as much as we can. At the half we have Author and CEO of Mekanism, Jason Harris so stick around. First up, Read More

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#1370, Jason Harris, Soulfulness,

Happy Monday! Happy Monday everyone! Everyone at team One Life Radio had a relaxing, well deserved weekend to spend with family and friends! But we are ready to take on another week of pouring positivity through your speakers! We are having fun today! Bernadette, Junior, and Jason all play two truths and a lie! We Read More

Jason Harris, Mary holland

#1350, Jason Harris, Mary Holland

Happy Monday! We had a fabulous weekend spent with family and friends! Junior had a great weekend too! Bernadette says that her and Junior always have a great weekend because they both have gratitude. We have a great show in store today! Mary Holland is talking about Restoring Child Health, and Jason Harris is talking Read More

Jason Harris, generosity, generous, Autumn Warren Connolly

#1325, Jason Harris, Generosity, The Four Agreements

  Happy Monday! Happy Monday from team OLR! We had a relaxing weekend! Bernadette says her heart goes out to California dealing will all the smoke and fires. Bernadette and Renaldo talk about football! If this is your first time here, Bernadette loves football. Today we have Autumn Connolly, and at the half, Jason Harris Read More

guests Jason Harris and Autumn Warren Connolly

#1305, Jason Harris, Autumn Connolly

Happy Monday! Happy Monday from team OLR! We had a relaxing weekend! Renaldo and his furry feline friend enjoyed the treats that Castor & Pollux gave to team OLR! Bernadette is talking about PetCube! We love PetCube in the One Life Radio Family! To purchase and read more, click here! We love the “PetCube Bites Read More

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