#1424, Dewone Bennett, Marriage

Happy Thursday! Dewone Bennett is here with Bernadette for the full hour talking about the 21 questions to ask your partner before getting married! Stay tuned to listen to all the clues and secrets to a happy, healthy marriage. So, let’s get started with talking about marriage! Dewone Bennett Dewone Bennett is a Licensed Professional Read More

warren rustand, Dewone Bennett

#1419, Warren Rustand, Dewone Bennett, Commitment

Happy Thursday! We have a great show in store for you today! Warren Rustand, legendary CEO and Presidential Confidant is here! We also have Dewone Bennett talking about fear of commitment, pt 2. So, let’s get started! Warren Rustand He is an entrepreneur, corporate leader, and the Forbes Books author of The Leader Within Us: Read More

dr. Kirk Erickson, Tina Bernet Allen, exercise and brain health

#1413, Dr. Kirk Erickson, Tina Bernet Allen

Happy Wednesday! We have a great show today! Tina Bernet Allen is here to discuss how to break out of your workout rut! Dr. Kirk Erikson is here to discuss exercise and brain health. So, let’s get started! Tina Bernet Allen Tina Bernet has a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology, she is a certified strength and conditioning Read More

#1397, Logan Shiels, Kip Watson, Charlie Brown

Happy Monday! We have a great show in store today! We have Kip Watson on first up talking about the “The Charlie Brown Mindset” and negative self talk! At the half, we have beauty expert Logan Shiels tasing about 2021 Skincare Trends! So let’s get started! Logan Sheils Logan Shiels is an Oklahoma girl that Read More

Von Eaglin, zen Honeycutt, moms across America

#1323, Zen Honeycutt Moms Across America, Von Eaglin

Happy Thursday! Bernadette is out of breathe right from the start! She is just so excited for todays show! Von Eaglin is on at the half to talk about understanding vs empathy. But first, Zen Honeycutt of Mom’s Across America! Von Eaglin Von Eaglin is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and works with two group practices Read More

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