Impostor Syndrome

What is Impostor Syndrome? #1181

Today we talk with DeWone Bennett about a couple of different things including: sex, relationships, and impostor syndrome. What is Impostor Syndrome? DeWone Bennett is a licensed professional Counselor and has extensive training and certifications as a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. We open up the show by talking with him about sex. Specifically we talk Read More

Workout After burn

Workout After Burn: Explained, The Imprint of Trauma #1155

Today we talk with Tina Bernet Allen about the science of the workout after burn. Then we talk with Wanda Means about the imprint of trauma. The Workout After Burn: Explained Tina Bernet Allen is a top female personal trainer, with over 30 years of experience. Today she breaks down the science of what we Read More

Sex Trafficking Crisis

Jack Booyens and the Sex Trafficking Crisis #1116

Today Jaco Booyens joins us to talk about his work fighting the human sex trafficking crisis. We also talk with Maura Davies about owning pets and helping the environment. Jaco Booyens Jaco serves in many areas across multiple industries. He is the president and CEO of the film company, After Eden Pictures. He is the Read More

Men and Sex

Men and Sex, Role Modeling Relationships for Your Kids #1091

Today we talk with Von Eaglin about men and sex…this is interesting and entertaining so don’t miss this one. We also talk with Kip Watson about how to role model good relationships for your kids. Men and Sex “Your body is a wonderland” – John Mayer Men and sex, this is a broad topic…and a Read More

Gendered Brain

The Gendered Brain & Raising Emotional Intelligence #1089

Today we talk with Gina Rippon about her book, The Gendered Brain. And we talk with DeWone Bennett about raising emotional intelligence. The Gendered Brain Gina Rippon is a researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience at the Aston Brain Centre at Aston University, Birmingham. Gina is also a part of the European Union Gender Equality Network. Read More

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