Ryan Casey waller, Enviromedica

#1407, Jared Ramirez, Ryan Casey Waller

Happy Tuesday! Jared Ramirez, CEO of Enviromedica, is here to talk about bacteriophages, an ingredient in their Terraflora Advanced Care probiotic. Ryan Casey Waller joins us to discuss his new book, “Depression, Anxiety, and Other Things We Don’t Want to Talk About.” So let’s get started! Jared Ramirez Jared Ramirez is the CEO of Enviromedica, Read More

photo of our two guests, Jared Ramirez and Von Eaglin

#1286, Jared Ramirez, Von Eaglin

Terrific Tuesday! Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a great show in store for you all. CEO of Enviromedica, Jared Ramirez is here to discuss soil based probiotics. Longtime friend of the show Von Eaglin is here to talk about raising children successfully. Jared Ramirez Jared Ramirez breaks down the types of probiotics. Spore-based were introduced Read More

#1272, Collagen, Black Lives Matter With DeWone Bennett

Terrific Tuesday! Today we have Enviromedica’s Jared Ramirez, and Dallas Councilor, DeWone Bennett on air with us! Bernadette opens the show with some terrific Tuesday tips on how to stay healthy amid a global pandemic. Zinc is so important to stay healthy, especially now! When you don’t get enough zinc, you can lose your sense Read More

Enviromedica on One Life Radio

Evolutionary Medicine, Starting Meditation

Evolutionary Medicine vs. Modern Medicine Jared Ramirez is the CEO of Enviromedica, makers of Terraflora and a sponsor of One Life Radio. Ramirez begins our discussion with the basic definition of Evolutionary Medicine, or Darwinian Medicine.  It is basically the theory of natural selection. When people contracted diseases hundreds of years ago, the ones with Read More

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